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Miller Agritec Seed - July

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 16 October 2017

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Transcript of Miller Agritec Seed - July

Driving Seed Sales to Grow Your Business!
We are not trying to create a market for your product.
We are trying to exploit the market that already exists and direct directors to your place of business.
It's what you do when you can't see someone in person.
Why Advertise?
Due to circumstances beyond your control, you’ll lose 20 to 25 % of your current customers due to no fault of your own.
When products and prices are perceived to be the same or similar, your advertising helps consumers choose you over your competition.
If you could afford it, you would have a professional sales person tell your story to every prospect in your market.
Advertising can keep your customers coming back and can expand your customer universe by reaching new customers.
Why Radio?
Radio can reach and influence consumers who may be predisposed to other businesses.
Radio’s reach has remained constant, reaching 91% of consumers every week.
Research proves that most consumers prefer to go to the websites of businesses they’ve heard of rather than to the sites of unfamiliar businesses.
What Matters To You
Finally Here!
There's more OPPORTUNITY than ever before!
A Sound Partnership!
Your Market is Changing
Advertising Can Differentiate You
Advertising is Cost Effective
Advertising Increases Sales
Radio Is Intrusive
Radio’s Reach is Constant
Radio Drives Web Traffic
1 of 2
30 second commercials
What's Your Message
2 of 2
30 second commercials
What's Your Message
We have covered what matters to the agricultural industry for over 55 years.
Our audience is almost exclusively rural
Rural means agri-business
Rural means farmers
International agri-business has leveraged our connection to local farmers.
Miller Agritec - 2017/18 Seed Sales Campaign

August 14th, 2017 – April 28th, 2018

1 – 30 second commercial, airing adjacent to the 6:40AM Weather, airing Monday – Saturday
1 – 30 second commercial, airing adjacent to the 12:10PM Country Comments, airing Monday – Friday
Total of 11 – 30 second commercials per week (37 week duration)

As an American Country Countdown partner, your business will receive:

12 - 30 second commercials per week
(6 commercials on Saturday at & 6 commercials on Sunday at no charge.)
Airing Saturday between 2PM - 6PM and 8AM - Noon on Sunday.
Country 93.1FM will run a minimum of 21 - 30 second produced promos per week promoting the American Country Countdown Show.

Seed & Plant Expenses
Total Farm Expenses
Seed and Plant Expenses in the RM of Portage
Market Research
According to Stats Canada, there are 345 farms in the RM of Portage la Prairie.
Total farm expenses: $154,171,553.00
25.5% are cattle farms, 9.6% other animals
43.5% are oilseed and grain farms
What we can do for you.
Reinforce position as trusted place to go for quality seed and seed treatment.
Provide consistent 24/7 visual exposure of the Miller Agritec brand throughout the year.
Provide convenient opportunity for customers to visit the Miller Agritec website for helpful information and further branding.
Advantages of Online Marketing
PortageOnline is there with news, sports, and weather On Demand!
Quality creative can engage and inform prospective clients with a call-to-action directing them where you want them to go.
Our content-integrated advertisements are visible 24 hours/day, 7 days/week,
365 days of the year.
Radio and Online combine to outperform other media by
Reinforce the message you are sending through media with a visual presence.
Our History
"'Built by Radio"'
30-second commercials daily
Jock Talk
Launched in 2003
# of users: 0
# of page views: 0
Average of 92,000 users (IP addresses/devices etc) visit our site monthly!
Over 96% of users return
We are the #1 source of local news for Portage la Prairie and Area!
Today - 2017
2.8 million pages of hyper-local content
every month!
Over 1,800 downloads since May 2017 Launch!
Leaderboard ad #1
Home Page
Online Marketing Plan
Leaderboard ad #1 on Homepage: $21.40 per day (approx $650.00/month)
PortageLive App: $150.00 per month
Total Investment: $8,005.00
Maintain top-of-mind awareness of Miller Agritec to producers in Portage la Prairie and area - and beyond!
Recent research shows that 80% of Canadian Grain Farmers use a smartphone.

During peak seasons, growers average 2 hours/day on their smartphones.
Add in Mobile Browsing...
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