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Integration of ICT on Placement

No description

Stuart Taylor

on 16 May 2012

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Transcript of Integration of ICT on Placement

ICT in
Placement B

Audio interviews
Video Presentations
Voting Technology
...software that can be used to make a website -
See Stu Taylor for inspiration and have a look at these examples of wordpress sites - they are free to make and its as simple as moodle!!
...software that can be used to make a website -
Put students into groups of 4-6, supply a camera (or use phones) and task them with a presentation, TV programme, or role play for 45 minutes. They return and show to class.
A collection of these videos could be put together on a DVD/prezi/website and used as a resource by students for revision or to support future practice
collaborative production of documents
Further Inspiration
In pairs, one student interviews another on a subject (reflections on a performance, knowledge gained, strengths and weaknesses, academic theories). Audio placed in central place for others to use.
Handheld units
Mobile Phones
Getting started in Prezi
Why use Prezi...
To create a resource that is multi-layered.
A resource that can be used by different year groups
To facilitate student collaboration
It looks cool
UCP Marjon Sports Therapy Clinic
...have a twitter feed to keep existing and potential customers up to date with news.
apps galore - apps are siple, cost effective pieces of software
QR codes - orienteering using printed barcodes and readers
cheap video analysis tools
Lecture Capture
Echo 360 and Panatop0 are two pieces of software that enables you to capture a lecture as your deliver it recording whatever you are showing via the laptop / screen and your voice. You can use it as you teach a session and put it up on LS via a web link or you can record something in your office and use it as a distance learning or independent study activity.
An example of these are practicing interview questions - students have completed some simple intervew questions for teaching at the start of the course and will replay this each year and try to add to them to make them more effective
An example of trainees reflecting on what they observed in schools
presentation, coaching or teaching assessments
GPS enbled for teaching resources for PE curriculum
Moodle Activities
LS Activities: Chat File LS Activities: Choice File LS Activities: Completion Tracking File LS Activities: Database File LS Activities: Feedback File LS Activities: Forum File LS Activities: Glossary File LS Activities: Lesson (basic) File LS Activities: Lesson (advanced) File LS Activities: Tutorial booking activity File LS Activities: Wiki File LS Activities: Workshop File LS Activities: Quiz File
Darren presents...
Edmodo- GSCE/Btec/Alevel
Used Disney video clips in a Year 8 dance class.
Prezi presentaions in A Level PE - using YouTube clips for starter activities
e.g. Learning objective team cohesion. Had a YouTube clip of a Formula 1 pit stop showing how effect a team/group works together 'harmony'.
Free video analysis suite that works like dartfish to delay feeds. Used in YEar 10 High Jump
Wiki Races - Starter Activity
Survey Monkey
text poll
disco cameras
video for picking out teaching points.
apps on ipods - e.g. yoga, coaches eye, easy tag
Anat and phys apps - 3D body - GCSE/ Alevel
Used to embed videos when browsers block youtube etc
Video for starter activities
using You Tube for teaching shots in net games

Video analysis - Evaluating and Improving in Year 7 & 9 Gymnastics
HR apps
Tournament maker app, used with games unit!
Use of disco's to video each others performance ready for analysis
Micrsoft Office
Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel
click this
Dartfish EasyTag app to carry out satistical analysis during sport education module!
GCSE PE Practical
Year 13 B-Tec Powerpoint Presentation
Microsoft Publisher as the quickest and easiest way to create HQ resources
Linking shots e.g. long serve, overhead clear, overhead drop shot, net lunge.

I had the design of a badminton court and two players. Q+A pupils had to show the flight and movement of the shuttle. I clicked the slide to introduce the arrows
Evaluating and Improving - Peer and Self Assessment Sheets (Year 7, 8 & 9 volleyball)
created spreadsheet for use in tournament using interactive whiteboard
@Chloevczi tweeting GB Hockey player who came to school!
Teaching points Help Sheet in Year 7 Boxercise
Non-Participant Worksheet
Kinect for Windows - Writing games that work alongside Office for revision and theory lessons!


Download and use!!!!
Also see www.video4coach.co.uk
similar to kinovea but no live delayer
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