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Baganda Tribe

No description

Miranda Morgan

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Baganda Tribe

Baganda Tribe
The Baganda tribe is located in Uganda. It is the largest tribe in Uganda.
The Baganda tribe is the largest tribe in Uganda although it only represents about 22% of Uganda's total population. There is about 5.5 million people in the Baganda tribe.
The Baganda tribe speaks Luganda, although Uganda speaks English as their official language. Luganda, which is a Bantu dialect, has words that are the same but mean different things. The only way to tell what the words mean is to listen to the different pitches used.
Cultural Traditions
Almost all the people in the Baganda tribe are Christian. Which means they celebrate Christmas and have funerals that last many days.
Rites of Passage
Current Issues
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Definition: An important moment in a persons celebrated by a special ceremonies.
Every person in the Baganda tribe goes through the three different stages of life; Child-Omwana, Youth-Omuvubuka, and Man/Woman-Omusajja/Omukazi
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AIDS is a large problem in the Baganda tribe. The people who have political power have to decide what happens to the children who's parents have died from AIDS.
The baganda people are suffering from the overthrowing of their prime minister. The first prime minister was Milton Obote. The newest prime minister is Idi Amin, he has caused social oppression to happen.
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