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08.07 Invisible Warfare: Assessment

No description

Jacqueline van der Meulen

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of 08.07 Invisible Warfare: Assessment

My Quilt
Description & Explanation
The first square shows the building getting attacked by an airplane. I chose it so that there would be an example of what happened during 9/11. The next square says "I love freedom". This is to show that the people involved in the incident stuck it out because they wanted to keep their freedom. The third square shows the medics. This symbolizes hope because the medics help the people who were hurt get better. The fourth picture says "hope". People involved, and even people who weren't, had hope and that's how they got through the incident. The next square is of the Statue of Liberty during the attacks. It shows that it's still standing tall symbolizing that liberty will prevail. The last picture is of the American flag and the bald eagle. It shows pride for the United State of America.
From this lesson, I learned that the US had stricter rules at the airport after 9/11 occurred. Terrorism is different from other forms of warfare. Warfare is a conduct versus an act, it occurs between 2 opposing forces and typically escalates from aggression. Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims from one side to another.
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