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EAP Week 1

No description

Roland Muller

on 27 July 2018

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Transcript of EAP Week 1

Single sex schools are better than coeducational schools
Week 1
* Group discussions face-to-face or online
* Group problem solving tasks
* One-to-one negotiation task role-play
* Interview role-play (10-20 minutes)
* Formal spoken presentation of 10 to 15 minutes on a prepared topic and 10 minute group discussion and question and answer session.
Assessment Tasks: Semester 1 2018
How many different languages do you think are spoken in Sydney?

- in every manner, without reserve?

- strongly, with much feeling?

- with great joy?

- completely, without any doubt?

- truly believing?

- without any doubt?

- with best wishes?

- with conviction?

- without any doubt?

- without any doubt
categorically deny
- In no way did I do something.?
deeply regret
- I am strongly sorry for my actions.?
enthusiastically endorse
- I happily, and with my whole heart believe in something.
fully recognize
- I am aware of some situation.
honestly believe
- I think something is true without any doubt.
positively encourage
- I hope that you do something very strongly.
sincerely hope
- I honestly want something for someone else.
strongly recommend
- I really think you should do something.
totally reject
- I refuse to believe or do in any case.
utterly refuse
- I completely do not want to do or believe.

speaking ill of somebody
dreadful (adj)
misery (n)
exaggeration (n)
demean (v)
conflated (adj)
Discuss the following questions.
How would you explain the idea of ‘success’ to someone?

Write a definition of ‘success’.

What do you think are the important / necessary qualities a person needs in order to succeed?

In groups talk about…

The invention of an important piece of technology.

A basic scientific advance we could not live without.

The discovery of an important cure or medicine.

Outstanding leadership in a period of crisis.

A great step forward in human rights.

A great social or political advance.

An incredible artistic achievement.

An amazing piece of engineering or architecture.

An outstanding sporting achievement.


to ‘put your nose down’
a privilege


What are the 8 secrets to success?

How did this talk all start?

What was the ‘simple question’ that the speaker was asked?

How many people did the speaker name? How many can you remember?

What else did you hear?

What else did you understand?

What else did you retain?

Passion Freeman Thomas (Daimler Chrysler)

Love Carol Coletta (radio producer, Smart City)

Work Rupert Murdoch (CEO, Newscorp)

Good David Gallo (Marine scientist)
Goldie Hawn (actor)

Push Alex Garden (game developer)
Frank Gehry (Architect)

Serve Sherwin Nuland (Doctor)

Ideas Bill Gates (Microsoft)

Persist Joe Kraus (cofounder of Excite)

Is there something you are trying to succeed in but you continue to fail at?

Why might you be failing?

Do you have any strategies you could employ to succeed?

Make sure that you know the following words & phrases.

to be stuck in a rut
to follow in someone’s footsteps
a nerd
to figure out something
it turns out that…
sleep deprived
something is likely to stick…


What question does the speaker pose?

The speaker learns four important lessons that he shares with his audience. What are these?

Is there something that you have always wanted to do but have never achieved?

What change can you make for the next 30 days?

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