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EAP Week 1

No description

Roland Muller

on 22 February 2017

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Transcript of EAP Week 1

EAP Speaking
Single sex schools are better than coeducational schools
Week 1
Welcome to NSI and English for Academic purposes/ Speaking


* Group discussions face-to face or on-line
* Group problem solving tasks
* One-to-one negotiation task role-play
* Interview role-play (10-20 minutes)
* Formal spoken presentation of 15 to 20 minutes on a prepared topic and 10 minute group discussion and question and answer session.
Assessment Tasks: Semester 1 2016
How many different languages do you think are spoken in Sydney?
What do you think is the average life expectancy of men and women living in Sydney?

Does where you live have a bearing on how long you live do you think?

- in every manner, without reserve?

- strongly, with much feeling?

- with great joy?

- completely, without any doubt?

- truly believing?

- without any doubt?

- with best wishes?

- with conviction?

- without any doubt?

- without any doubt
categorically deny
- In no way did I do something.?
deeply regret
- I am strongly sorry for my actions.?
enthusiastically endorse
- I happily, and with my whole heart believe in something.
fully recognize
- I am aware of some situation.
honestly believe
- I think something is true without any doubt.
positively encourage
- I hope that you do something very strongly.
sincerely hope
- I honestly want something for someone else.
strongly recommend
- I really think you should do something.
totally reject
- I refuse to believe or do in any case.
utterly refuse
- I completely do not want to do or believe.

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