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Basketball,info and me

No description

Kenneth Bonilla

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Basketball,info and me

Basketball,info and me
Have you ever seen professionals shoot basketballs on different distances on the floor on TV.Well that is a loved sport called basketball and the professionals are called superstars.About 6,060,000 people like it because it gets the fans fired up!!!
Superstar Training
For athletes they have to train a lot so they can stay in shape and healthy.They go to special gyms and have special trainers to help you train.Especially injured athletes because they have to help their team.And if you train a lot you can win the championship.
Athletes have to believe in them so they can do great out in the floor or court.If so they are going to be on fire and probably win the championship.Like how the Dallas Mavericks did in the Finals with the Miami Heat in 2011.Watch the clip enjoy:].
National Basketball Association
Basketball superstars play in the NBA(National Basketball Association).This Association is very special because it just doesn't play games.The money they get is for charity and other things.The organization is called NBA Cares.
Dwight Howard participating in NBA Cares
Dirk Nowitzki going for a point
NBA sign
Michael Jordan training
Playing with Heat
Basketball is very important for basketball fans because it entertains them.That means their heart is filled with basketball they love and care about.There are many fans that go nuts for basketball like Maddie from Liv and Maddie on Disney Channel.You can see she is holding a basketball and a uniform so she's on a team.
Why Basketball is Important for Fans
This is Maddie
This is Liv
Basketball History
-Created on June 6, 1946 known as (BAA)

-The commissioner is Adam Silver
-There are 30 teams in the NBA
-There are 29 American teams and 1 Canadian team
-The Boston Celtics have the most titles with 17 titles
-NBA got it's name by their rival NBL (National Basketball League)
Teams Named and Renamed
-Buffalo Braves 1970-1978,San Diego 1978-1984, Los Angeles Clippers 1984-
-Vancouver Grizzlies 1995-2001, Memphis Grizzlies 2001-
-Tri-Cities Blackhawks 1949-1951,Milwaukee Hawks 1951-1955,Saint Louis Hawks 1955-1968,Atlanta Hawks 1968-
-Most recent champions is the Miami Heat with 3 titles
-The best player in the NBA right now is Kevin Durant(KD)
This is Kevin Durant
Charlotte Hornets 1988-2002,New Orleans Hornets 2002-/
New Orleans Jazz 1974-1979,Utah Jazz 1979-
Rochester Royals 1948-1957,Cincinnati 1957-1972,Kansas City/Omaha Kings 1972-1975,Kansas City Kings 1975-1985,Sacramento Kings 1985-
Teams Named and Renamed Part 2
-Minneapolis Lakers 1948-1960,Los Angeles Lakers 1960-
-New Jersey Americans 1967-1968,New York Nets 1968-1976,New York Nets 1976-1977,New Jersey Nets 1977-
-Denver Rockets 1967-1974,Denver Nuggets 1974-1976,Denver Nuggets 1976-
-Indiana Pacers 1967-1976,Indiana Pacers 1976-
-Fort Wayne Pistons 1948-1957,Detroit Pistons 1957-
-San Diego Rockets 1967-1971,Houston Rockets 1971-
Teams Named and Renamed Part 3
-Syracuse Nationals 1949-1963,Philadelphia 76ers 1963-
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-Dallas Chaparals 1967-1970,Texas Chaparrals 1970-1971,Dallas Chaparrals 1971-1973,San Antonio Spurs 1973-1976,San Antonio Spurs 1976-
-Seattle Supersonics 1967-2008,Oklahoma City Thunder 2008-
-Philadelphia Warriors 1946-1962,San Francisco Warriors 1962-1971,Golden State Warriors 1971-
-Chicago Packers 1961-1962,Chicago Zephyrs 1962-1963,Baltimore Bullets 1963-1973,Capital Bullets 1973-1974,Washington Bullets 1974-1997, Washington Wizards 1997-
This is the team he plays on
By: Kenneth Bonilla
Dirk Nowitzki Information
-Born June 19,1978 (age 35) Wurzburg,Germany
My Favorite Player
-Nationality is German
-His height is 7 ft 0 in (213 cm)
-His weight is 245 lb (111 kg)
-NBA draft was 1998/round 1/pick 9th overall
selected by the Milwaukee Bucks
-He has been playing pro from 1994 and on
-His career history is 1994-1998 for the DJK Wurzburg
-With the Dallas Mavericks is 1998-
-The position he plays is the power forward
A power foward is the player that plays offense and defense and protects the basket.
Reasons why I did this presentation
The reason why I did this is because I love basketball and I wanted to teach you guys everything about basketball.
And so you can have fun by playing any sport or game that includes strategy
and skill.Also because I knew I'll have fun teaching you guys something new and awesome to do.
I'll miss you guys:(
Photos of Dirk Nowitzki
Special Thanks to Angel Diaz,Fernando Galvan,
Jason Guerrero,Johanan Dominguez and Alan Aldana.THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR HELPING
-And it was created in New York
-The best 3 pointer player in making 3-pointer is
Reggie Miller.
Reggie Miller
Michael Jordan
Also thank you google,youtube,prezi,meograph,
mom and friends.
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