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Jennifer Lawrence

No description

David Quiroz

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Jennifer Lawrence

Born in Louisville, Kentucky
My Bae is 5'8"

My Boo's Birth Info
Born August 15, 1990 in Louisville KT.
2 Brothers- Blaine & Ben
acted like" tomboy" growing up
was in cheer, field hockey, and softball
Thought to become a doctor when she grew up

Jennifer had to finish High School before she could audition for casting in New York . She scored a 3.9 on her GPA
She went to Kammerer Middle
(a.k.a. now)
Jen's career is an Actress,Model.
Films she has starred in:
Winter's bones, Garden Party
The poker house,X-MEN first class
HUNGER GAMES!,Silver linings
And in 12 upcoming movies from Nov. 2013 -TO-2015
She didn't go to college
Being bullied shaped Jen into what she is today . That pushed her to show she was better than they were.
Dated Nich Hoult
plans to marry me
Was an A+ student
She graduated 2 years early
Major Accomplishments
Was in Abercrombie & fitch and Burger king commercial in her teens (unknown)
Starred in Monk & The Bill Engvall Show 2007
Played mystique which brings 120 mil. worldwide 2011
first major role was Poker House 2006
Majorly known for her role in Hunger Games as "Katniss Everdeen" 2012

Jen's fame/ significance
Who: J law
What: actress
When: 2007 when a creeper offered to take a pic
Where: started in New York on Spring Break then took off from there
Why: she had passion for what she did

Interesting Stories/
she got hit in the head by a car @ 16/18 mos. old
She really butchered squirrel in Winter's Bone.
auditioned for the part of Bella swan in the twilight saga

Interesting stories/Facts
family owns a horse ranch
played field hockey, softball & basketball on boys team coached by her dad
She was the first girl born on her dad's side of the family in 50 years.
Today / Recent Events
Filming Mocking jay
Also will be filming Days of future past for X-MEN
Is finished with movie American Hustle
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