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WoT Tips

No description

Tim J.

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of WoT Tips

By Timothy Johnson How to play each type of tank
in World of Tanks. What WoT is.. How to play light,medium, and heavy tanks. How to play Tank Destroyers. How to play SPG's. WoT is a free-to-play MMO based on WWII tank history. You play in battles of up to 15 people per team and strategically face your opponent. The game is made by Wargaming.net. They are all played the same but a lot differently.
-Light tanks (a.k.a scouts) are the fastest in the game. They are most commonly used to rush the enemies and kill artillery.
-Medium/Heavy tanks are usually made for defense and to take out any enemies trying to get to your base. TD's are better for taking out any tanks that get past the defense. Most usually don't have a turret so are easy to destroy when tracks are broke so they can't turn. It is better to stay at base with them and guard any artillery you may have. SPG's (a.k.a artillery or arty) are the tanks that stay at base and support the defense. Like TD's, most SPG's have no turret so are easy to destroy. What they do though is hide in a bush and fire at the enemies from far away to take them out. "Death From Above"
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