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Copy of Retail Design Research

No description

Sara Spille

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Retail Design Research

Retail ...It's what we do l p.o.p. Loyal customers Permanent DisPlay & a f u l l y
i n t e g r a t e d
s o l u t i o n for your visual merchandising needs store Decor Approach The first real contact with the store happens before the customer sets foot in the store, it is the look and feel of the store, and its approach. Creative signage is important to the success of the store since it is what eyes look for. Signage Temporary DisPlay who we are Digital Print, Specialty Packaging Fulfillment and Distribution 2012 Temporary Display of the year! “We are Visual Experts. We are a single-source solution for your in store signage, display and way-finding needs. We are focused on enhancing Brand Equity with our client’s customers, manufacturing with Efficiency, maintaining Organization and providing Ease of Interaction”. • Founded in 1991
• Headquartered in Fairfield, Ohio
• 400+ Employees
• Over 700,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space
• ISO-9001:2008 Certified Workflow
• G7 Master Printer
• Optimally located for national distribution
• Multiple POPAI Award Winner
• Complete in house production
• Forest Stewardship Council certified
(green solutions to support green initiatives) CreAtive • 3D renderings
• Graphic Execution
• Structural Engineering
• Prototyping
• Temporary to Permanent Displays Technology PrePress • G7 Master Printer
• Calibrated Epson 9900 Proofers in all Print Locations
• RBA-enhanced production for faster turn and lower costs
• Versatile and up-to-date software capabilities
• Talented and Experienced Staff
• On-line access to soft proofing, asset libraries

and design collaboration Large Format Litho, Screen Print, Flexo Offset Printing on 9 presses ranging from 40” to 81”
• UV Capable
• Caliper range from 50# text to 48 pt. board

Digital Printing on 9 presses
• Roll-fed, sheet-fed and flatbed options
• Toner, Eco-Solvent and UV Inkjet inks
• Variable Data capable
• I-Cut capability for zero-tooling cutting

Screen Printing on 5 presses
• Sheet Size ranges from 40” to 148”
• Up to 6-colors in-line
• UV-Curing

Flexo-Hybrid Web Printing
• Unique press with high quality printing up to 6-colors plus coating
• In-Line foil-stamping, UV coating and die cutting
• Excellent for specialty packaging or high-volume collateral items Pre-Press & Proofing Services:

(5) Epson 9900 Proofers
Connect! / InSite Soft Proofing System
Kodak Matchprint Virtual Color system.

Transfer & Storage Media:

Duplicated Backups
Kodak Matchprint Virtual Color system.
Replicated Virtual Server Environments

PrePress Software:

Adobe CS
Prinergy Workflow System Creative Design Department

Artios CAD Software System
Strate/Studio Pro 3D Rendering System
Form Z
Auto CAD LT 98
Kongsberg CM1930 Automated Cutting Table (70” x 130”)
Kongsberg XL-22 Cutting Table with Router Head (66” x 86”)
54” 600 DPI HP Printer (Graphics)
1440 DPI Epson Printer (Graphics)
60” HP Design Jet 5000 Ink Jet Printer - 1200 x 600 DPI
Canon IPF 9100 60” Printer (Graphics) Display & Packaging Services

Shrinkwrapping: Stretchwrapping:
Weldotron 1600 Series (Up to 100 Pkgs./Minute) (2) Fully Automatic
Great Lakes TS-37 (Up to 70 Pkgs./Minute) (2) Semi Automatic
(7) Weldotron & Hanagata Machines
(Up to 30 Pkgs./Minute)
(7) L-Sealers (For Special Applications)

Fabricating Equipment:

Bobst Die Cutter 1650E (45-1/2” x 65” 3500/HR
Bobst 142ER Autoplaten (40” x 56” 6000/HR)
Automatan Model 7780 (54” x 77” 1500/HR)
Marumatsu Die Cutter (47” x 78” 1500/HR)
Stock Auto Laminator A134R/1500 (54” x 77” 500-750/HR)
Crathern & Smith Auto Label Laminator (1000/HR)
(2) Cauhe Clamshell Die Cutter VI-E (55” x 82” 300/HR)
Pot Devin Labeler 60” (45” x 70” Hand-fed) (
(2) Auto Taping & Hemming Units (77” Wide)
100” Seybold Cutter Automatic-feed
Mueller Martini Stitcher-Trimmer: 6 Pockets
Harris Seybold 5-Head Drill
28” x 40” Bobst Die-Cutter
Assorted Trim, Stitch, Collate, Bind & Shrinkwrapping Equipment
Specialized Hand Bindery Operations with kit packing, collating, padding, fulfillment and other special needs


Bobst Pacific 3.0 A4 Folder-Gluer (118” flat)
Bobst Media 110 Folder-Gluer
Omega Folder-Gluer with In-Line Glue & Bar Code Detection,
RFID & Source Tagging and Tape Applicators
Staude Window Machine (minimum 5” x 5”, maximum 26 x 28”)

Specialized Services:

Three operating, flexible shifts in all production areas
of Purchase & Packaging Specialization
Exceptional turnaround services for critical needs
Warehousing & Inventory Management
Experienced support for retail promotions
Publication Expertise
Variable Data, PURLS, Web Site Design, Web2Print
Project Management, Kit Packing & Fulfillment Digital Printing:

(1) 16.6” HP-XP 5500 UV Flexible Ink Multi-roll,
(3) 65 x 126”, HP-FB7600 flat bed 6 color UV double sided
(1) 126” HP-LX850 UV SM-FSC-Eco Solvent roll to roll, 12 pica – litter- drop head higher resolution, double sided
(2) 98’ HP-FB700, White UV Versatile 6 color, hybrid roll or sheet feed
(1) 63” x 126” Inca Columbia Turbo Flatbed Digital Press with UV Curing
(1) 63” x 123” Inca OnSet S-20 Flatbed Digital Press with UV Curing - Includes White and Gloss Inks!
(1) 54” Wide Roland Solet Pro III Print & Cut XC-540 – EcoSolvent roll-fed digital press with in-line cutting
(2) 63” Wide Mimaki JV5-160S Solvent Ink-jet Digital Printer – 430 sq. ft/hr
(2) 60” HP Design Jet 5500 Ink Jet Printing - 1200 x 600 DPI
(1) 14” x 20” Kodak NexPress 2500 Digital Press – Includes Variable Data and Coating Options!
(1) 13” x 19” HP Indigo 5500 6-color Digital Press
(2) 71” x 118” I-Cut Zund L 3000 Flatbed Plotter/Cutter
(1) 71 x 125’’ I-Cut Zund G3 C3200 Cutter
(1) T300 Miller Weldmaster
(1) 62” Laminator – Orca III
(1) 63” X-ACTO Wall Cutter
(4) Dual Processor Servers Running Postershop Pro Server Printing Services
Litho Printing:
(1) 59” x 81” KBA 5-Color with In-Line Coater (UV or Conventional Inks)
(1) 54” x 80” KBA 7-Color with In-Line Coater
(2) 54” x 77” Harris 7-Color with In-Line Coater
(1) 44” x 64” KBA 7-Color with In-Line Coater
(1) 44” x 64” Planeta 6-Color + Tower Coater
(1) 41” x 56” Mitsubishi 7-Color + Tower Coater (UV or Conventional Inks)
(1) 28” x 41” Heidelberg 8-Color Press Perfector 4/4
(1) 28” x 41” Harris Perfector 5-Color Press
(1) 28” x 40” Heidelberg CD 6-Color + Tower Coater


(4) 110” Seybold Cutters with Micro Cut Spacer
(1) 65” Seybold Cutter with Micro Cut Spacer
(1) 58” Seybold Cutter with Micro Cut Spacer
(2) 54” Harris Seybold Cutters
(1) 40” Harris Seybold Cutter
(2) 26” x 40” Baum Folders
(1) 26” x 40” Baum Folder with Gatefold Screen Printing:

(1) 64” x 148” M&R Patriot 1-Color Automatic Screen Press
(2) 64” x 102” IST Multi Grip 6-Color Automatic Screen Press
(2) 64” x 80” M&R Processor 5-Color Automatic Screen Press
(1) 41” x 60” IST Graphic XXL 6-Color Automatic Screen Press
(1) 30” x 40” M&R Conquest 6-Color Automatic Screen Press

Litho/Flexo Hybrid Printing:

(1) Propheteer 2000 Ultra 20” Wide Web-fed UV 6-color + Coat
Perfecting Hybrid Press – Includes Equipment 2012 Display of the Year Gravity Feed System - Menard's Audio Wall - Pep Boys White House Black Market CarMax Case Studies Menard’s Household Needs Reinvention
P&G “First Moment of Truth” Award Winner 2009
Featuring InnoMark patented Gravity Feed Shelving and Overstock Graphic Door Systems Macy's Bare Escentuals Wal-mart Online order entry
Online order tracking
Online catalog
Online inventory status
Integrates manufactured and purchased materials for single store delivery Cadence Overview 400 line items in signage package. Includes department signs, perimeter overstock signage system, aisle markers, pricing communication Office Depot Walmart Bassett Because of our optimum geographic location for
national distribution, you can experience a potential
25% savings on your shipping costs, compared
to shipping from the West Coast. Our Work In Store h o l i d a y 2 0 1 2 Customized Online Ordering Thank You! Objective
Sports & fitness specialty retailer for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts
Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA
450 Stores
Production resource
Sign kit fulfillment program
Receive/store POS materials (signage/displays, etc. for DSG and partner
(Nike, Under Armour, etc.)
Online order capability
Fulfill custom orders based on individual store needs
Onsite account management (team of 5 located at DSG HQ)

InnoMark Services (1st 60 Days)
Kit packing/fulfillment
Digital printing InnoMark receives materials( from DSG partner vendors), consolidates, and fulfills custom orders for DSG stores Objective
Promote Family Mobile in Wal-Mart stores
Show continuously changing handsets
Allow message/artwork updates
Attach to existing retailer pegboards

Solution (total project timeline , 6 weeks)
4’ Permanent Display
Durable construction (heat bent PVC, PETG, and steel)
Easy graphic updates
Shipped fully assembled
Zero reships
Positive client/retailer response Displays in stores for 12+ Months
Graphic updates every 3 months Objective
Define space for D&G, Gucci, and LACOSTE fragrances in major retailer
Maintain premium brand image
5-week timeline

Custom painted tower wraps
Styrene/PVC construction
Interchangeable graphics
Foil-faced 3D logos
46” monitors with TV ads

Custom painted case line logos
Styrene construction
Adhesive foil letters

Branded handicap case
Adhesive backed print
Demonstration pad

Positive feedback from licensed brands
Plans to execute in additional locations Objective
Create a compact unit to display and merchandise featured products

Chrome unit with branded graphics
Plastic Inserts
Cast molded vs. machine routed acrylic
Maintains high quality standard
Achieves cost savings
Increase aesthetic appeal

- Placement in BE Boutiques

Innomark is the first to apply this technology to the cosmetics market sO, wHY iNNOmARk? Total Supply Chain Integration
Speed to Market
Consistent color across various substrates and sizes Award-Winning Creative breaks ties in-store and motivates consumers to purchase

Central Location - We have the ability to provide tremendous freight savings Local Sales Representation WE KNOW AND LIVE RETAIL! Dick's Sporting Goods Body Central Aerie Aeropostale The Children's Place H2o+ Specialty Packaging Pharmaceutical Gaming Cosmetic & Beauty Folding Carton &
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