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revision unit 2

No description

claire bill

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of revision unit 2

Double click anywhere & add an idea data and information define data collection of information that has not be processed How data can arise surveys results transactions text images numbers sound forms of data coding putting M anf F instead of male and femaleas the computer understands it better What ICT can provide fast repetitive processing vast storage i.e data warehousing improved presentation improved security improved accesibility to information and services types of processing batch (gathered over a period of time and processed all at once interactive (interaction with PC proccesing not necceasrily done immediatley transaction (deals with each set of data from the user as it is submitted ICT systems and components people data procedures software hardware information what is ICT? the use of technology for the input, storage, processing and the transfer of data and the output of information what is a system? any system involves input, processing and output ICT systems are those where the output from the system goes driectly to a human being or another ICT system user requirements: experience physical characteristics environment of use age effective dialogue appropriate help and support jobs available qualities needed transfer of data modem
switch determiner
port networking software information, data or programming used to make it possible for computers to communicate networking software world wide web = way of accesing info through internet internet = series of interconnected networks intranet = internal network WALLED OFF from the rest of the internet used for small businesses in one geographical location extranet = external network used for file sharing to different geographical locations fire walls will be neccesary procedures and stadards
internet protocol (IP)
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