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Mike Graham

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of jason

Electrical Energy
electrical energy is energy caused by the movement of electrically charged particles.
light energy
travels as waves and can move through empty space
Thermal energy
is energy due to randomly moving particles that make up matter
sound energy
is energy of vibration carried by air water or other matter
kinetic energy
is the energy of motion

when you turn on the toaster energy
is being used
potential energy
is energy that is stored in an object
when the light is being used it take energy to stay on
when your xbox is on it takes energy in run
you can feel the heat from the burger
when you eat it
the heat from the lava is every hot
the heat from this fame is is hot it can set something on fire
the sound from the alarm clock is sound
you plug the head phone to your phone
and the sound from your phone come out of the head phones.

when you clap you are making sound energy
the hurricane is spinning fast there is alot of kinetic energy
when you are swinging you are creating kinetic energy
when you are running you are getting faster so
you are creating more kinetic energy
the sun gives off light energy
the flower takes light and makes food
like the sun flower the tree uses light energy to make air
when you hold back a bow
it is taking potential energy
when the bike is at the top of the hill you are storing energy
when you are sleeping you are storing energy
the cookie monster is so creepy it needs to be put in the trash
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