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Communication Behind Bars

No description

Dixie Renfrow

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Communication Behind Bars

Team Hashtag 1
The employee recruitment process is vital in the organizational development of prisons
The importance of good recruitment - the employees are what makes the organization
Some problems with recruitment - applicant misrepresentation
Organizational Teams
Decision Making
Positive Consequences
Negative Consequences
Gender and Emotion
by Katie Gonzalez
Leadership Approaches, Impacts on Superior-Subordinate Communication, and Audit Red Flags and Suggestions
High turnover in corrections
Prisoner "turnover" mandated by length of sentence
Warden turnover relatively low, stable
Human Resource Department:
A Strategy for Enhancing Communication Between Employers and Employees
7 Points
Human Resources
Gender and Emotions
Organizational Teams
Departure, Turnover, and Termination
Female Prisoner Vs Male Prisoner
ARTS (Adults Recovering and Transitioning into Society)
Welcome a relapse
program for the offenders

Time-8 week substance abuse program
Assists offenders prepare for HiSet
Prepares offenders for work opportunity
Literacy classes

Emotional State of Guards
Def. Emotional labor-The process of managing one’s emotions in the organizational setting

Lower life expectancy of 16 yrs compared to general pop.

More health problems, heart attacks, ulcers, and high blood pressure occur at a higher rate than police officers

Leadership Impacts
How problems can be resolved
Communication strategies
Leader/Supervisor intervention

Employee Misrepresentation
Topic Related to Checklist
What is the process for Decision Making?
What are some unwritten rules
Example: Certain day or time meetings are held
Do the Teams come from Similar backgrounds?
How is stress eliminated?
Training,heavy or light workloads, Team leaders

Overcoming Conflict
Resolving Conflict
How long after conflict are consequences implemented?
Can help make the organization better
Is there recognition?

"Turnover" mandated by length of sentence in a general sense.
"Turnover" could also be considered when speaking about death rates.
Turnover of prisoners stable in theory, unstable in execution.
Guard turnover extremely high due to poor/short training, environment, and lack of weapons for defense.
Warden turnover rate more stable.
Low/high tolerance for prisoner abuse depends on warden more than anyone.
Positions at lower ranks highly unstable
Management Styles
Country Club Management Style
Impoverished Management Style
Middle of the Road Management Style
Team Management Style
Communication Behind Bars
Departure, Turnover, and Termination

In the last 10 years, the male prison population has increased 45 percent, while that of women is up 81 percent.

73 percent of women in state prisons and 75 percent in jails have mental health problems, compared with 55 percent and 63 percent of men, respectively.

In state prisons, 75 percent of women met the criteria for substance abuse problems, and 68 percent had past physical or sexual abuse.

Statement of Purpose: to inform our target audience what an organizational plan/audit is, and an analysis of our audit checklist
Video of Prison Guard

Leadership Approaches:
: identifying traits that differentiate between effective and ineffective leaders.
Situational Approach
: 4 different follower readiness levels that determine the most appropriate leadership style for that particular situation.
Charismatic Leadership: charisma is the effect that a leader has on his or her followers
Transactional and Transformational Leadership

Superior-Subordinate Communication
Peer/Coworker Relations:
Blake and Mouton's Managerial Grid (1964)

Where concern for production, and concern for employees meet (pg.60)
LMX Theory:
*in-group: characterized by mutual trust, reciprocal support, liking, and greater interaction
*out-group: relationships are primarily role defined and contractually based.

is based on the organizational structure
can be Symmetrical or Complimentary (not always a positive thing)

Leadership can either define or blur the lines!
7 Points Covered:
Human Resources
Organizational Teams
Gender and Emotions
Departure, Turnover, Termination

Importance of audit

What is it?
"The process by which an individual becomes integrated into the culture of an organization

Who is the focus group of the assimilation process?
New hires, transfers, and people who have taken an extended period of time off.

Assimilation continued...
When should assimilation be used?
Following the hierarchy a prison has it should be used company wide.
As a new member comes into the assimilation process they have a sense of belonging to the organization.
Phases of Assimilation
Anticipatory Socialization
Organizational Encounter
How can we ensure that theses processes are happening?
Clark, J. (2009). Inequality in prison. American Psychological Association, 40 ,9

Francois, C. (2015). What is an audit checklist? Retrieved April 8, 2015, from www.wisegeek.com/what- is- an- audit- checklist.html

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Modaff, D. P., Butler, J.A., & Dewine, S. (2012). Organizational Communication: Foundations, Challenges, and Misunderstandings. Glenview, IL: Pearson Education, Inc.
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