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Going Lean: A Primer for Law Firms

Find out how your law firm can cut costs and become more profitable and competitive

Karen Skinner

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of Going Lean: A Primer for Law Firms

to go Lean?
What does it mean...
A powerful strategy
Lean means:
What is
Lean Six Sigma?
Adding Value

Eliminating Waste

Capitalizing on Opportunities

Maximizing Client Satisfaction
Adding value from a client's perspective
Does your work advance the matter?
Does your client want the work done?
Is your client willing to pay for that work?
Is your work done right the first time?
Identify waste
...and then eliminate it
A toolbox
A framework
to cut costs, increase profitability and improve competitiveness
to improve the way you deliver legal services
for continuous improvement
Waste costs you money and annoys your clients.
We teach you to:
recognize the 8 classic wastes in your law firm
determine their root causes and eliminate them
Anything that doesn't add value is waste
Can you answer "yes" to these questions?
Lean and process optimization
the Lean side-effect
of a Lean law firm
Process optimization
and project management
Process optimization is the foundation
of effective project management
The right resources in the right place at the right time
A solid foundation for project management and pricing
Creating an efficient, profitable and competitive law firm
Make sure you're managing an efficient process
Implement Lean and you will see:
increased profits and lower costs
more accurate pricing in AFAs and RFPs
a solid foundation for legal project management
happier clients and a more motivated and productive team
more work from new and existing clients
Time to:
make more money
pursue new business opportunities
develop new practice areas
target unmet client needs
learn to scuba dive...or fly a plane...
If you said yes to all of them, you're adding value
Reducing the waste will immediately and positively impact your bottom line
Pricing accurately
Process mapping gives you a detailed picture of what a matter costs your firm
Use that knowledge to structure AFAs and respond to RFPs that guarantee profit margins and satisfied clients.
Find out:
where your firm adds value
where you are using your resources
what a legal matter costs to complete
Legal project management adds value, but ONLY if the underlying business and legal processes:
are orderly, efficient and effective
deliver your services in less time, at less cost
Give your clients what they want: more...for less
Cut costs, be more profitable and more competitive
Lean frees up time for other
valuable work
What would you do with a little more time?
Process optimization is
improving what you already do
eliminating waste and reducing time spent
focusing on value-added activities
to ensure the end-to-end delivery of information and services is as orderly, effective and efficient as possible.
Download our free guide here!
Go Lean with Gimbal
Get an introduction to Lean on our website
Arrange a Lean Legal Boot Camp
Develop your improvement strategy
Start a process improvement project
Improving what you do every day
with information, logic and common sense
© Gimbal Canada Inc. 2013
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