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Manara STEM Academy 4th Grade - Environmental Garden Learnin

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Sherie Pierce

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of Manara STEM Academy 4th Grade - Environmental Garden Learnin

Manara STEM Academy 4th Grade - Environmental Garden Learning Model Living Outside the Classroom
Research Development
A Real Business Plan
Our 4th grade crew has been a part of extensive research to create an environmentally conscious garden that can live on for other students and the community to learn and participate. The business plan has involved cross-curricular planning and learning between Ms. Shaw and Ms. Pierce and the inaugural 4th grade class at
Manara Stem Academy.
The Expedition:
In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors
As an Expeditionary Learning school, our 4th grade class began with a concept for their first expedition. "In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors" began as the foundation of the yearly class project. By looking at Native American tribes and where they resided in each region in TX, a documentary was created and our research began to expand.
iPads Aid in Research
iPads were introduced into our classroom for every 4th grade student. This technology integration has allowed for increased individual student research and access to learning applications that have helped our expedition grow. Subjects that we began to explore are as follows:
Regions of Texas and the characteristics that make the agriculture, landscape and climate unique.
Indigenous plants to the Gulf Coast region and the flow of energy through the ecosystem.
Native American methods of agricultural farming.
The affects of drought in farming in TX and the water conservation.
Taking Things into
Our Own Hands
After all of this research and progress, our crew decided that we wanted to take our learning into our own hands to create a school garden so that we could experience the things that we were learning about first hand. We discussed how this could potentially impact the learning of all grade levels by providing everyone with a great outdoor learning center. Our crew began searching for experts who could help make our dream a reality. Contact was made with Yellow Rose Landscaping and Design Company.
STEM Teams
Our 4th grade class divided into four teams for continued research. The teams were science, technology, engineering and math. These teams explored different components of a working garden including; space planning, environmental awareness, and costs for completion.
Visual Planning
Visual planning was a part of our garden business proposal. We started by drawing pictures of the flowers and plants we were researching, then we created an architectural scale drawing of our gardens using the 1/4" to 1' architectural scale, and finally we translated our scale drawings into the 3D rendering program Google SketchUp. We also plan to build
a small model of our designs.
Itemized Costs
Our Google
SketchUp Models
Plants and Trees: $1,500
Fencing: $1,000
Water Cistern: $2,000
Windmill: $2,000
Compost Barrel: $500
Planting Soil: $1,000
Water Fountain: $300
Decomposed Granite (2 Pallets): $300
Planter Box Wood: $1,000
2 Picnic Tables: $250
Solar LED Walk Lights(10 pk): $50

Total Estimated Cost: $9,900
Scale Drawings
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