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A Leader in the New Paradigm

No description

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of A Leader in the New Paradigm

"Leadership in the New Paradigm"
The world has changed in a very profound way. This change continues to happen all around us, all the time.
Role 1: Empowerment
People become empowered when they agree and accomplish common values in their vision.
Empowerment when individual purpose and mission are commingled with the mission of the organization
Role 2: Path Finding
Deals with the larger sense of the future
Ties the vision together with a strategic plan
Role 3: Aligning
This is when the empowered take their path finding and align it with others
People who are in alignment with each other have one purpose. They don't interfere, compete, or dominate.
Difference between Management and Leadership
Leadership focuses on doing the right things
Management focuses on doing things right
Project by: Nathan, Lucy, Kalia,& Sydney
Stephen R. Covey
White Water World
It is a white water world.
Standards are currently changing in every sector of the marketplace
Strong workforce is required to stay relevant, and strong leader is required to have a strong workforce
With this new world a new mind-set is required
This is the new paradigm.
Question #1
(fill in the blank)
Don't drop that _____ _____ _____!
(sing/dance along)
Who are we??
Question #2
(shout answer)
The 3 Roles of the Leader in the New Paradigm
Empowerment . Path Finding . Aligning
Real World Example: Restaurant Services
Mrs. Bess is empowered and recognizes the needs of her students, enabling her to discover a common goal for her students.
Question #3
What does agreeing on a common vision establish?
(flex your muscles)
Question #4
What must occur between the indifidual purpose and the group in order for the to become empowered?
(speak in British accent)
Real World Example: A football play
Her vision is to help the children and her plan is to bring awareness.
Question #5
What components are needed to make up path finding?
(operatic song)
Question #6
Path finding deals with?
(multiple choice)
A. Past B.Present C. Future

(make letter shape with body)
Real World Examples: Marriage
Everyone was in alignment to help the children have an actual classroom.
Question #7
What was Mrs. Bess' goal throughout the movie?
(Pat head & Rub Tummy)
Question #8
In aligning together what is the groups one purpose to a vision?
(Whip your hair back n' forth)
Real World Example: Ladders
Question #9
Do leaders use the new or old paradigms?
Question #10
(balance on one foot)
Quick! What's the differnce between Leadership and Management?
(put your hands in the air like ya just don't care)
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