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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies pre-reading activity.

Kim Emigh

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies

Your society is under way! No adults to supervise...this is going to be awesome... What are the most important tasks to be done?

Come up with your FIVE most important tasks and list them in order. Step 1: Priorities You will need someone to lead you:
How do you decide who will lead your group?
Why did you choose this manner?
What are you risks/rewards of this approach? Step 2: Establish a society Come up with the 10 most basic and important rules that everyone must follow.
Establish consequences for breaking EACH rule (You should have a variety of consequences that escalate with the severity and/or frequency of breaking the rules).
Step 3: Rules Step 4: Organize your society Devise an effective system for organizing the survivors, giving out roles and responsibilities.
Assume that 20% of the survivors are aged 14-15 years, 20% are aged 10-13 years, and 60% are under the age of 10.

How will you ensure that everyone will perform their role properly? A 2013 Adventure... The Lord of the Flies A bunch of St. Ed's students set off on a big adventure in 2013 in search of excitement, travel and, of course, learning... When suddenly... Your plane crashes!! You have crashed on a deserted island... with NO ADULTS and
nothing useful to salvage from the wreckage... And no idea when (or if)
you will be rescued... What do you do first? Choose what you think is the most important leadership quality and rank the others below it:
Physical Strength
Tenacity You are enjoying your new freedom when suddenly... The sky gets dark and the sea grows angry... ...and your society is put to the test.

To be continued... (activity from Matthew McDonald)
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