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river patterns

No description

fat rat

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of river patterns

what is a river profile? a river that flows continuously but it also has a beginning and a end what is drainage? -A drainage is when water from high ground flows down to a low ground. what are the major river systems of the world? -there are eight large rivers in Africa and there are 45 large rivers in north America and last but not least there are 29 large rivers in Asia What are drainage patterns? -A drainage pattern is when a large river puts water into a smaller river.

-This is what makes caves. What are river patterns? -Depending on the material in the river it forms differently. -A braided pattern forms when pebbles are on the bed What is the great divide? -The great divide is in north America.

-one side directs water to the arctic and the other side directs water to the pacific. The End
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