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S.C.A.M.P. project

No description

christian sterken

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of S.C.A.M.P. project

Step 2
Mathematical Discription Here are some of the examples of mathematical discription Step 3
Math problem concerning the object My math problem is a problem concerning equations Step 4
A model I made The Boeing 747-400 Step 1
History and Description The boeing 747-400 is rebuilt in 2002 The Boeing 747-400 is one of the biggest planes in KLM, The Royal Dutch Airlines. The boeing 747-400 is made in the Netherlands, but can fly worldwide The boeing 747-400 is made to transport more people over longer distances. It is important because people can then travel from the Netherlands to other countries in the world the quickest and safest way and back again. 1. Shape. The airplane needs a streamlined body, so it can efficiently fly through the air 2. Then there is measuring. People have to measure the exact speed to take off, fly and land. A plane goes 420 km/h when it takes off and lands, when the wind blows from behind the plane. When the wind blows to the front of the plane it does about half the speed. What is the speed of the plane if the wind blows to the side of the plane? Step 5
Reflection Boeing 747-400 facts: Width: 64.44 meter Length: 70.67 meter Cruising speed: 920 km/h Range: 12.900 km I chose this plane because it's interesting to see how a big plane like this can fly so easily, while it is so heavy. 3. Angle. It is important to know what angle the plane needs to have to take off and land safely. 4. Coordinates. It is important to know where the plane is in the sky. 5. Graphs. To compare the charts for all the handlings in the plane. I was quite able to connect my mathematics to the plane I learned a lot more about planes In the beginning I was not so organised, but in the end I think I did well
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