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Why We Should Spay and Neuter Our Pets

This prezi explains the benefits of spaying or neutering you pet and better explains the myths you may hear about the procedures.

Darian M.

on 27 April 2012

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Transcript of Why We Should Spay and Neuter Our Pets

Why We Should
Our Pets
There are Some
That Lead
Some People to Believe They Shouldn't

Their Pets
Myth 1

"It's not right to neuter a male. Only females should be sterilized because they're the ones that have litters."
Myth 2

"I want my children to see the miracle of birth."
Myth 3

"Don't worry, we'll find homes for the litter."
Myth 4

"Females should be allowed to have one litter."
Myth 5

"Spaying or neutering my pet will make it fat."
Sure, the female gives birth to the litter, but this statement is forgetting one major thing;
both the female AND the male produce the litter
. In fact, males father way more offspring than a female could ever produce in her lifetime.

What if an intact male was to escape his house and mate with an intact female?
"Well, you know..."
is the surgical sterilization of a female animal by removing the ovaries, oviduct, and uterus.

is the surgical sterilization of a male animal by removing the testicles.
What Is "
" ?

Both surgeries are
, performed by a
qualified veterinarian
, and it also has
significant health benefits
. Not only that, they're also very
(some places operate for free if you have low income).
No, there is is no reason for a female to have a litter; she will mature properly without it. It
improve her health or permanently change her personality.

As a matter of fact, spaying the pet before her first heat will
significantly reduce
her chances of developing breast cancer later on in her life.

If you still think your female should have one litter, just remember, the offspring she produces
will need homes
, and don't forget what happens to animals in the shelters that may not find a home....
They are put down and are, like trash, thrown in bags or cans and disposed of.

Proper exercise and nutrition will keep your pet healthy
. If your pet is overweight,cut down the amount you feed and fit in a few more minutes of exercise each day.

WickedLocal.com says "Spaying and neutering may lead to lower metabolic rate in cats and dogs, but
being "fixed" doesn't automatically make your pet fat
. Too much food and too little exercise makes a fat dog or cat."
So if your pet does gain weight, then it needs less time sitting at the food bowl and more time exercising daily.
Fixing your pet can not only have health benefits, but it can
rid your pet of hormone-driven urges
such as:

(particularly to other males)
(overprotectiveness of home ground)
(the desire to leave home to find sexual opportunity in the outside world)
Marking of territory
with urine/feces
Other unwanted sexual behavior
such as sniffing, licking, riding, ect.
also gives your pet
protection against hormone-induced conditions
, like the ones listed below:

- Testicular cancer
- Benighn prostatic hyperplasia
- Acute and chronic prostatis,
prostatic abscess
- Perianal gland adenomas
- Orchitis (infection of the testicles)
- Venereal tumors
- Perineal hernia (abdominal organs
bulging out of rectum)
- Inguinal hernia with potential organ strangulation


- Breast cancer
- Cystic endometrial hyperplasia and
- False pregnancies
- Mastitis (can occur during false
- Transmissible venereal sarcoma
- Ovarian and uterine tumors
- Cystic ovaries and hyperestrogenism
- Chronic endometritis
- Vaginal hyperplasia and prolapse
- Uterine torsion or uterine prolapse
List from http://warrentonkc.tripod.com/spayneut.htm
List from http://warrentonkc.tripod.com/spayneut.htm
Why We Should
Our Pets
There are other ways to teach children about the "miracle of birth" that doesn't involve bringing unwanted animals into this world.
For example, visiting a farm
or a zoo can teach them about birth since the animals born in those places usually have a good purpose for being born.
Books and videos are also other ways to teach children about birth.
Sure you can, but what about the
thousands of animals in animal shelters who still need good, loving homes
to adopt them? Because of the careless action of bringing more animals into the world and giving them to homes, those animals in the shelters have an even lesser chance of finding a home.

There are
not enough homes for every single animal born in this world
. This is the reason why humane societies, animal shelters, dog pounds, and rescue foundations are forced to euthanize animals.
There are health and behavioral benefits.
Helps with controlling overpopulation.
Encourages healthier routines for your pet.
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