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For Social Studies "People of the Renaissance Project"

Mel E.

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Raphael

Introduction Accomplishments&Achievements Lasting Impact Raphael Melina Endsley * Born in Urbino on April 6 * He produced many religious paintings, tapestry designs, palace decorations, and portraits.
*Created a series of frescoes inside the Pope's quarters; ingeniously incorporated the arches in the walls into the paintings
*Many people loved his art, especially the Catholic church and the Pope, since most of his paintings had to do with religious matters
*Earned commissions from the Pope for completing these works
*Living near Vatican and visiting the Pope caused him to paint more religious pieces, influencing his style
*He became an artist and an architect, creating beautiful masterpieces, and living up to his potential-making him a part of the humanist movement *Portrait "The School of Athens" shows Raphael's interest in several artists, philosophers and inventors
~Causes an interest of these people in Historians
*Historians study their works with closer detail
~Leads to improvements of these inventions
~Quicker advancements in technology
*Better laptops, phones, and music players now, all because of one man's interest and respect for some artists, philosophers, and inventors Real name was Raffaello Sanzio ~Pope Julius 2 asked him to work in Rome in 1508

~He continued this work up until his death in 1520 One of his major accomplishments was painting the "School of Athens", a painting that captured the classical Renaissance spirit. It included several philosophers and artists, including Michelangelo and Leonardo. Madonna del Granduca The Deposition Other Art by Raphael *Came from family of artists-Artisans
*Father was a court painter; mother died in his early life *Education in art-was under an apprenticeship for Perugino, who greatly influenced his art by teaching him the latest Italian ideas
*Eventually his patrons became Pope Julius II, and Pope Leo X The Marriage of the Virgin Lasting Impact Today In the Renaissance: *Impacted later artists

*Changed the way people look at art
-painted realistic people with realistic emotions Figures appear 3D Represents a religious scene Expressions show emotion BIBLIOGRAPHY Works Cited
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