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Roman Republic Timeline example

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Jane Sypniewski

on 10 May 2018

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Transcript of Roman Republic Timeline example

494 B.C.E
616 B.C.E
451 B.C.E
Rome: The Battlefield Between Classes
The Conflict of Classes
The Etruscans ruled Rome as kings. During this time, Rome's society were divided into two classes known as The Patricians and The Plebians. Also known as The Conflict of Classes.
A group known as The Patricians rebelled against The Plebians. They drove out the last Etruscan king. In place of a king, they created a government where officials are elected. This is called a Republic.
Marching with Pride
Most of the population in Rome were Plebians. Angry over their lack of power, The Plebians marched out of the city and camped on a nearby hill. They refused to come back until The Patricians met their proper living demands.
An Agreement Made
The Patricians finally agreed to write down laws because any laws they created, were never set to be permanent. These combinations of laws were called The Twelve Tablets. Before these laws were made, Patricians had no say in what they thought was best for the government.
Finally Free
The Plebians finally gained the power to pass down laws to all of Rome's citizens not just to The Patricians. Now, assemblies of all Roman citizens could approve or reject laws.
287 B.C.E
The Conflict of Classes in Rome.
509 B.CE
This is an example of how the government was before the Republic.
A Republic in early times.
The Plebians marching out of the city. And traveling through the mountains.
The Twelve Tablets.
The Declaration of Independence is like The Twelve Tablets for the U.S.A.
What it looks like now that The Plebians are able to finally have a say.
Ancient Roman government building.
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