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Julia's Prézumé

A virtual tour through the most important highlights of my career

Julia Cámara Calvo

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Julia's Prézumé

Julia Camara-Calvo
Los Angeles, CA

Then I grew up...
October 2004 - June 2010
Complutense University of
Madrid (Spain)
1st Big Move
August 2007
June-July 2010
Audiovisual Production Head Teacher
To join the ranks of a Hollywood studio, advance my career in the film industry, and join a diverse team where my skills can be challenged and of use.
5-year Degree (Licenciatura)
Audiovisual Communication
Summer Campus
CTY Spain - Johns Hopkins University
David Vidal (Educational Program Manager)
August 2007- August 2009
University Of
Graduation Date:
Mass Communications
(Telecommunications) - BA
3.98 - Summa Cum Laude
August 2009
From Spain to the U.S.A.
The Professional History of
Julia Camara-Calvo
Special Skills:
Film & Video Production management. Digital editing (FCPX). Theater production. Radio production. Languages: Spanish (native speaker), English (bilingual), French (Intermediate-Advanced). Apple software. Microsoft Office. Social media. Great communication and writing skills. Great organizational skills. Multi-task. Detail oriented. Event organizer. Creative thinker. Team player. Actress, dancer, singer.
Movies. TV fiction. Music. Literature. Traveling. Languages. Human & Civil Rights. Animals. Arts & Crafts.
Graduation Date:
Extraordinary Award of the College of Information Sciences
June 2010
June-July 2011
Stage Arts
Head Teacher
Summer Campus Talentia
Fundación Promete
David Vidal (Educational Program Manager)
2nd Big Move
March 2013
From Pennsylvania to California
February 2012 -
February 2013
Assistant Director
/Director of Film Services
Box Of Light
Digital Arts Studio

Rand Whipple (President/Founder) /
Cinephile, social media lover, music passionate, World traveler. Very visual mind. Perfect fusion between USA y España
Freelance Producer /
Production Manager / Coordinator
Titles: "The Black String" (feature), "Devil's Whisper" (feature), "Kidney and Apple" (feature),"Tras Bambalinas" (short), "What's Up Dog, Pet Hotel" (web-series), Flamenco Bienal of Los Angeles (in development), "Mama Doesn't Know Best" (short), commercials, music videos
Freshman year internship:
Communications Manager
October 2004 - May 2005
Granted Scholarship
to study in the USA
Senior year internship: Locations intern for "Blue Valentine" (2010)
May 2009 - June 2009
Freelance editor +
Small temporary
jobs in Spain
After much
I finally moved back
to Pennsylvania to settle professionally
and personally
Went back
to Spain to finish
Spanish degree
Carbo Films
(Hispanic commercial production company)
Dora Medrano (President/Executive Producer) /
Office and Media Manager
August 2013 - March 2016
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