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Maslow Critical Analysis

No description

Laura Adams

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Maslow Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis ABRAHAM MASLOW Maslow's Theory Hierarchy of Needs:
Love and belongingness
Self-Actualization Critics of Maslow - Pearson noted two major critics of Maslow:
* MARXISTS believe that the self-actualization
theory is to elitist and not applicable to all
* POSTMODERNISTS believe that there can be
no foundational assumptions about human
nature and self Educational Implications ** Can we help students reach self-actualization?
** Is it even possible for them to do so?

- Focus on needs that CAN be met
- Serve as a guide to help student realize their potential
and their own abilities. HUMANISM:
The belief that human beings use personal agency to grow reach fulfilment in life - very hard to define, and has reached strange definitions since its beginnings. Onchwari, Onchwari, and Keengwe discuss the
principles of Maslow's hierarchy as it applies to
immigrant students and students of lower socio-
economic statuses.

Example: lack of physiological needs being met means that the hierarchy will never be met/addressed Biesta questions whether or not humanism is truly relevant and applicable. She believes humanism creates a norm for what it means to be human and self-actualized that are never lived up to on the whole of human society,
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