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Operation and finance update clockwork

No description

on 30 April 2017

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Transcript of Operation and finance update clockwork

Growth - Cash - Growth cycle
FY16 EBITDA by division
Science & Operations
Operational excellence is crucial to deliver our commitments to customers
KPI: Operational efficiency
measured by revenue per employee per annum

FY16 target:
£119k per FTE
Revenue per FTE
Operations and finance update
Revenue and GM % evolution
FY11-16 Reported
EBITDA and EBITDA % evolution
FY11-16 Reported
Problem statement:
LFL margin evolution
FY15 revenue by sector
FY16 budget revenue by geography
Productivity: MACRO
Productivity driving the economy - 2% in 2 years
2/3 private business - from zero in 1978
Demand for more - 2% in last 5 years
Up 0.5% in 3 years - more needed
Let's do our bit to drive these metrics!
Key levers: 3Ps
organisation, RPRR


KPI: HL incidents & customer complaints down 6%
We aim to develop leading market positions
KPI: Profitability
measured by revenue, EBITDA and cash

FY16 budget:
: £257m up 6%
Gross margin
: up 1% to 54.7%
: £63.1m up 8%
- C
ash generation
: £19.4m
Shape of the Group
Problem statement
FY16 targets

Gross margin
EBITDA margin
Workshop 2
What additional actions can we take to ensure we achieve our GM and EBITDA targets?
Thought provoke
Around the 3Ps
Take away output and implement as you see fit
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