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Copy of Florida Explorers (Template) for wiki

4th Grade Webquest about Florida Explorers

Mary lancaster

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Florida Explorers (Template) for wiki

Click here to add your group name Welcome Explorers to the Age of Discovery Click here to add your Names The Explorer: Who was your explorer?
Add details about your explorer's life
Date born
Date of death
Fun fact Follow the mapped path to get to know your Explorer.

As you sail these open seas you will learn about his home country, motivation for explorations, and failures and conquests. The Journey The Motivation How did your explorer sail to the New World?
Find three facts about your explorers journey. Examples could be:
Supplies, ships
Date of departure
Add at least one picture or media to support your findings. The Discovery Why did your explorer want to go to the New World?
Go to http://blabberize.com/
Create a blabberize of your explorer.
Include his motivations for traveling to the New World.
Type a script of your blabberized explorer.
Upload your blabberize from youtube after teacher approved. Consider your explorer's motivations to venture the unknown world.
Find fun facts about your Explorer's life before his journey, put them here.
Include at least one picture or video to support your findings. Go to http://education.nationalgeographic.com/education/mapping/interactive-map/?ar_a=1
Use the drawing tools and markers to create a map of your explorer's routes. Include labels to highlight destinations and dates.
Print your map for your treasure box and save it as an image. Insert your map here. The Footprint... Ponce De Leon
Add a picture of your explorer's home country Explore the Castillo de San Marcos, the famous Spanish fort in St. Augustine:
Go to http://www.augustine.com/history/walkingtour.php?tour=5

What happened when your explorer found land? Find three facts about your explorers discoveries. Examples could be:
Resources they found
People they found
Land they claimed

Add at least one picture or video to support your findings. Why it matters...
How did your explorer affect our world today? Add your explorers name Webquest Resources:
Non-fiction literature
Internet Resources: http://www.diigo.com/list/natachae/discovering-florida-explorers-internet-resources
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