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Book Soundtrack

3rd Six Weeks Independent Reading Project

Margaret Eissler

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Book Soundtrack

Create a soundtrack for your book Project Playlist Front Cover: Song #6: MOOD You will create an 8 song soundtrack with a short written component attached to each song that you choose. 1. Your Name
2. The Title & Author of your book
3. A new design for the cover of your album (you may not copy the existing book cover) Song #3: MAin conflict 1. Pick a song that reflects the main problem in the novel; list the song title and artist.
2. Write a paragraph in which you explain what the main conflict is in the novel & how the song reflects that conflict. 1. Choose a song that reflects the mood of the book, list the song title & artist
2. Write a paragraph in which you describe the feeling that the book gives you, how it makes you feel, and how the song captures that mood. In addition to the song selections you must also
create a cover,
and write a 10 sentence summary for your back cover Some Guidelines:

1. Your book MUST be a FICTION novel.

2. You must pick a book that you have NEVER read before.

3. Your book CANNOT be a book that has been made into a movie.

4. You may not turn in this project after the six weeks has ended. No work will be accepted after December 20th. This is an INDEPENDENT project, and you will only receive one day of class to work on this project.

Plan and work accordingly. Back Cover: Write a 10 sentence summary of your book Song #1: Main Character/Protagonist 1. Choose a Song that is descriptive of your favorite character & list the Song title & artist
2. Write a paragraph in which you depict the character: Physical Appearance, Personality, and Actions, etc.. Song #2: Antagonist 1. Choose a song that reflects the antagonist of your novel & list the Song Title & Artist.
2. Write a paragraph in which you depict the antagonist. Song #4: Climax 1. Pick a song that reflects the climax of the novel; list the song title & artist.
2. Summarize the climax of the novel & explain how the song reflects the climax. Song #5: Theme 1. Choose a song that reflects a theme from your novel.
2. Write a paragraph in which you explain that theme, and how the song you chose relates to it. Song #7 and #8: Favorite Scenes 1.Choose a song that reflects your favorite part of the novel; list the song title & artist.
2. Write a brief summary of that scene, and explain why the song that you've chosen is symbolic of that scene. FInal Notes:

* If you would like to choose a different organization, such as making a song selection for your favorite 8 chapters with explanation paragraphs, please have it approved first.

*If you burn a disc with your 8 songs you will receive extra credit on your assignment.

* the quality of your writing, grammar, and neatness greatly impact your grade. Additional Resources will be available on the links page of Mrs. Eissler's Teacher Web Page. Happy Reading!
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