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Learning at Home - GCSE PE

No description

Mr Stanley

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of Learning at Home - GCSE PE

Learning and Revising at Home - GCSE PE
Thanks for your amazing support!
Please use this prezi for updates of new activities and reminders of the ones we looked at in the summer...
Students will sit 2 60 mark exam papers in the summer:
Paper 1 - Weds 16th May -
Physical Factors Affecting performance
- Learning objectives 1-43 on their specification
Paper 2 - Fri 18th May -
Socio-cultural issues & sport psychology
- Learning objectives 44-76 on their specification
In addition, they will also be assessed in 3 practical activities using the following criteria
19-20 = Level 9
18 = Level 8
16-17 = Level 7
15 = Level 6
14 = Level 5
12-13 = Level 4
3 Steps to supporting students with home learning and revision in PE:
1. Homework & progress checks

2. Revision activities

3. Log books & Video evidence

1. Homework & progress checks
In addition to SMHW, all homework can be viewed using this link:
Homework Checks
Revision of paper 1 content can be tracked by looking at feedback and responses in their self designed
"Revision Booklets"
Check current marks for each component
Grey Target Sheets can be found at the front of student's folders
Check overall current level each term
View their
Check they are working towards their self-set targets
Each week, students will have a flipped learning homework (like last year) or a revision task
2. Revision Activities
Home Test Sheets
You can find bright yellow home test sheets at the end of every topic.
Please test them using these sheets and sign at the bottom

Flap Revision Cards
These can be used to test understandings of any topic
Simply read out the key term and lift the flap to see if the student can give a definition/ explanation
Student teacher
The final activity we practiced was the student assuming the role of the teacher
Flap Revision Cards
Home Test Sheets
This is very good for the difficult topics.
Keep asking questions to help further the students understanding
Allow them to research the answer or use notes if necessary
Quiz them on the same topic within a short period of the "lesson"
Student Teacher
3. Log Books & Video Evidence
By February half term, students must have a portfolio of evidence for each of their 3 practical activities.
They each have a copy of the relevant specifications
The portfolio must consist of video evidence for each required skill and, in most cases, a competitive performance. They must also have a log book for each sport listing all competitive performances.
Rock climbing will be done through school or residential opportunities
We will be offering a 2nd climbing residential in February
If you require any further information on the GCSE course, suitability for A Level PE or helping your child with revision, please do not hesitate to contact me via email: astanley@heanorgate.derbyshire.sch.uk or by phone: 01773 716396
Regards, Mr Stanley CTL PE&Performing Arts
RAG sheets
So that the students can keep track of their progress each student has a coloured RAG sheet for each topic.
means that, when given the key term, students can give all info from the description box
means that, when given the key term, students half or more of the info, but not all of it
means that, when given the key term, students can give less than half of the information
RAG sheets
These are slighlty more detailed versions of the home test sheets and re designed so students can work on specific areas rather than whole topics.
An example of a good task with these is to
pick 5
" or "
" for them to revise and check then their revision after 10 or 20mins using the sheet
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