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The Highly Engaged Classroom

Marshall University STEPP 15 September 2012

Sara Barraclough

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The Highly Engaged Classroom

Marshall University
STEPP The Highly Engaged Classroom 3 November 2012
Logan Country Club L. Victoria Smith
Sara Lemley Barraclough Free Online Resources Engage Elementary Kids Classroom Management An engaged classroom is a managed classroom. Exploring how integrating project-based learning and technology in the classroom can improve student engagement. Purpose What is Project-Based Learning? In Project Based Learning (PBL), students go through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge. Rigorous projects help students learn key academic content and practice 21st Century Skills (such as collaboration, communication & critical thinking). bie.org Classes built around project-based learning focus on... Critical thinking,
and Communication. Students are engaged in authentic problem-solving, inquiry, and collaboration rather than activities that reward memorization.

Learning activities are long-term, interdisciplinary, and student-centered. Teacher as Facilitator Facilitators
establish an atmosphere of shared responsibility,
structure the learning to direct student inquiry towards content,
regulate goals to provide focus,
provide feedback to strengthen student skills Why facilitate? Technology Integration and Student Engagement Free Online Resources Engage Elementary Kids High School Students See Technology as Tools, Not Toys Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement
http://www.edutopia.org/blog/student-engagement-stories-heather-wolpert-gawron Elements of Student Engagement Today's workshop will serve as a laboratory experience in project-based learning. Digital Storytelling A link. Completely useless for today,
but may be helpful if you want
to edit digital video on a Windows
operating system in the future. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pGXUB15zI9VAp5fVYlkPyE1TDYC8eumpraKoK9LxkTw/edit?hl=en_US experience narrative understanding What is a digital story? (It's just a fancy way of saying movie.) Why a digital story? You will make a digital story with two goals: Document the completion of your Lego project. Reflect on your experiences with your project. Your video will have two sections. One section with pictures and video showing how you completed your project.

One section with an interview having group members reflect on the project experience. How you will make your digital story. iMovie is a video editing program for the iPad.

It can take video, pictures, and sounds and cut, splice, and remix them into a single exported video. editing digital media original media photos, videos, sounds captured with the iPad's camera or recorder editing process importing and sequencing media in iMovie exported media your finished movie! tinyurl.com/muSTEPPTechDoc1 tinyurl.com/muSTEPPTechDoc2 Working With Peers
Working With Technology
Connecting the real world to the work we do/project-based learning
Clearly love what you do
Get me out of my seat!
Bring in visuals
Student choice
Understand your clients -- the kids
Mix it up!
Be human http://tinyurl.com/muSTEPPLogan “We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” – David Warlick Steps for implementing Project Based Learning. Start with the Essential Question
Design a Plan for the Project
Create a Schedule
Monitor the Students and the Progress of the Project
Assess the Outcome
Evaluate the Experience edutopia.org tell a story reflect on the story two important halves of a narrative project this helps the student to think critically about a process, project, or event this helps a student to understand the learning process in which they are engaged This document includes support materials for the digital story project. Group member roles and tasks. Project checklist Interview reflection questions Sample rubric This document includes instructions for operating iMovie. http://tinyurl.com/PlimothDocs Mini Field Trip: The Plimoth Colony Enjoy the rest of your weekend! General Discussion/Reflection Questions

What was engaging about this project?

What about creating a digital story about your project kept you engaged?

How can digital stories be applied to other projects or disciplines?

How did you feel as a learner in this experience today? What do you wish had happened differently?
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