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Copy of decades project

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Chabibix Bluechabine

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of decades project

70's, 80's, 90's & Now The Decades Project the 70's Works Cited "Keep On Truckin'" "Bad to the Bone" the 80's "All that and a Bag of Chips" the 90s Table of Contents Key Terms of the 70's 1. 'Far Out': Cool
2. 'Psyche!': To trick someone
3. 'Right On': to agree with something
4. Bad: nice or cool
5. Bogart: greedy
6. Bummer: bad news
7. 'Can You Dig It?': Do you understand?
8. Dude and Dudet: Man & Girl
9. Psychedelic: Awesome
10. Radical: awesome, cool or neat 11. Raza Unida: were all
together in everything
12. Stoked: excited
13. 'Take a Chill Pill': calm
14. 'What's Poppin?': what's
15. 'Dream On': to tell
someone to see reality here is a classic example of
what was going on in the U.S.
in the seventies. here, this
picture shows a hippie holding
up a poster in protesting the
Vietnam war. the Vietnam war
caused much controversy in
America, citizens believing it to
not be necessary and simply
murder of young American boys.
hippies, especially, were
outspoken about this scenario,
with their motto: "Make Love,
Not War!" "Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?" this was a popular quote from the 1971 film, Dirty Harry. this was a famously quoted line because this line is an example from this movie which caused a significant uproar in 1971. the movie created such a disturbance due to it's "fascist" message about the government and the power of ones self. "Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching." this was a famous quote coined by Satchel Paige, a famous MLB baseball player who originally played for the Negro league, and later, for the St. Louis Browns. this quote is well known because it simply preaches to not care about life but to just go with the flow. it was a total hippie-based phrase and explains the hippie way of life. THE EAGLES CAROLE KING THE BEEGEES BLONDIE THE CARPENTERS BOB DYLAN MARVIN GAYE JACKSON 5 JANIS JOPLIN MICHAEL JACKSON
part, influentially, in America.
artists expressing their beliefs and
views on politics, culture, America
and it's leaders, etc... would target
especially the younger generation
going into the new era where disco, hip hop, crip walk and punk dancing started So....
who was President in the 70's? Jimmy Carter
(1977-1981) Richard Nixon
(1969-1974) Gerald Ford
(1974-1977 Richard M. Nixon was sworn into office on Jan. 20, 1969 and resigned Aug. 9, 1974 shortly after beginning his 2nd term in order to avoid impeachment due to his role in the Watergate Scandal. what was the Watergate scandal? on June 17, 1972 five burglars broke into the Watergate
Building in Washington, D.C., which was where the
Democratic National Committee Headquarters were. the
burglars, called the "plumbers" were funded by Nixon to fix the "leaks" of his administration. the leaks being all the secret documents that Nixon was trying to hide, especially after the Pentagon Papers were found out, which held secrets of Nixon's government and wrongdoings they did. came into office on Aug. 9, 1972, due to Nixon resigning. he was Nixon's former vice president. he served until the end of Nixon's 2nd term, in 1977. under his administration, US lost to Vietnam, but he successfully passed the Campaign Reform law and made the Helsinki Agreement. following after President Ford, Jimmy Carter came into office on Oct. 1, 1977 til Jan. 20, 1981. during his presidency some achievements he made were: the Panama Canal treaties, Treaty of Peace between Egypt and Israel, the SALT II treaty with the USSR, & the establishment of US diplomatic relations with Communist China. this cartoon uses a commonly known quote from a famous tv show, The Walton's. it takes the coined line from the show and uses it to make a cartoon about the depression going on during the 70's. the situation caused government to take a relatively large role and powerful unions in the most important industries. also known as “regulated capitalism.” from the Watergate Scandal, this cartoon depicts Nixon's famous quote: "i am not a crook", despite his supporting of the burglars breaking in, in hopes to cover up the failures of Nixon's administration. the whole scandal started with him and was funded by him.
"Follow the Money" ~ Deepthroat abortion was a huge issue in the 1970's. it was illegal to get an
abortion in America or have birth control. the fight really started in the 60's, but it wasn't til the 70's when pro abortion
citizens made the fight louder. starting in NY state, in 1970, NY allowed abortion on demand to become legal, followed by a few other states. the fight still continued all across US, until 1973 on Jan 22, when the Supreme Court urged a repeal of all restrictive states due to the Roe vs. Wade decision. star wars was an iconic image for the 70's, specifically in 1977, when the movie first premiered. it was a nation unifier, as citizens young and old marveled at it's digital imagery and new aspect of the science fiction genre. quotes like "may the force be with you", and "luke, i am your father" have remained infamous sayings from then til now Rocky IV was a significant movie in the 80's because of the US competition with USSR. like other competitive films in the 80's, this movie made the USSR out to be the bad guys and how America, the under dog, always triumphs over the cruel Commies. it reflected the distaste Americans had for Communism. another movie that pegged the 'evil Communists' in America was Red Dawn, where the Soviets come and terrorize the US. one very important event of the 70's was the gas crisis of 1973. OPEC, the oil company that US bought the most from, raised their oil prices from $1.50 to $ll.56 in a matter of months due to America's support of Israel the Fall of Saigon was a monumental point for America because US was officially out of Vietnam. Although America stopped supplying aid 2 years prior by removing all military, there were still some 1000 US citizens stationed at the embassy in Saigon. when the Vietcong broke through Saigon, it was a mad race to air-lift all 1000 Americans out of Saigon, thus officially ending America's involvement in or with Vietnam, specifically the south. Apollo 13 was a space mission launched on April 11, 1970, consisting of James A. Lovell, John L. Swigert & Fred W. Haise. their mission was to land on the Fra Mauro area of the Moon. approximately 5 and a half minutes after launching, a tank ruptured on the spaceship. this nearly killed the men aboard, as they were sent into orbit and could only orbit the moon due to the explosion. the explosion blew out both oxygen tanks, which cut the crew's water, elctric and light. they were 200,000 miles away from earth. despite the odds, the crew successfully landed and were rescued on April 17, 1970 the Jones town massacre was a major shocker for the year of 1978, on November 18th. In South America's Guyana, and American Cult Leader, Rev. Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple,
led 918 members of his cult to theirsuicide. He wanted to create a Communist, utopian community, and going outside of the US would be his only chance of success, being that they wouldn't be influenced by the government. many flocked to his community, but soon found it to be not at all fantasizing. many wanted to leave, but the place was well guarded and their only way out was through asking Jones, who told people no. then, on Nov. 17th, U.S. Representative Leo Ryan from San Mateo, California heard bad reports of the cult and took a trip,
along with NBC reporters and a fewworried family members of the cult, were secretly passed a note that confirmed
their suspicions. opening a chance to leave, only some went with Ryan because most were afraid. then, radical cult members followed the Ryan and his travel companion's car to the airport where they fired on the group killing 5 people, including Ryan. upon hearing the news, Jones ordered everyone to drink flavor aid, which contained cyanide and and Valium. he stated that it was necessary in order to avoid being attacked by the US government. The Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) was a terrorist group who, in 1974, ordered a wealthy family, the Hearts, to donate $2 million of free food to the area's poor. they held the daughter, Patty Hearst hostage. when the family donated the money, a few days later a picture was sent of Patty with a machine gun saying she was staying with the group to fight on. the SLA brainwashed Patty using cruel techniques; physically, mentally, socially and sexually. she was then apart of the gang and renamed to "Tania". wanted and found 19 months later, Patty, age 19, was sent to prison for being involved in a bank robbery. on September 5, 1972, at the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, a Palestinian terrorist group called Black September raided the Israeli team barracks, killing 2 members and taking 9 hostage. hoping to reach a negotiation, the German police force tried to persuade the terrorists to let them go. the group would only trade for the release of 234 prisoners from Israeli jails and 2 Germans from German jails. they then asked for a plane to Cairo. hoping to make an escape mission, the Germans set up a very poorly executed plot to rescue the hostages. seeing their scheme, the terrorists, while waiting on the helicopter to go to Cairo shot the 9 hostages and blew up the helicopter where the Israeli hostages were being held. despite the tragedy, the Games continued on. Table of Continents the 70s http://www.buzzle.com/articles/1970s-timeline.html#72
http://www.findingdulcinea.com/news/on-this-day/September-October-08/On-this-Day--The-Munich-Massacre-Begins.html the 80s Key Terms of the 80's 1. 'Word to your mother': true; you agree
2. Yuppie: young professional person;
usually well educated with lots of money
3. Nasty: coolness
4. Phat: good, or hip; cool
5. Schweet: slang for sweet
6. 'Eat My Shorts!': a comeback
7. 'Gag Me with a Spoon!': Valley Girl response
when you dislike something
8. Gnarly: very good
9. Bunk: not cool
10. Zeek: a major geek
11. "Get Bent": get lost; leave
12. "Get the 411": information
13. Amped: totally pumped up; psyched
14. Bogus: unfair or unfortunante
15. Homeboy: a close or best friend; also referred to as Homefry this was an important event in the 80s, specifically 1980,
America was still at competition with the USSR through anything,
and at the 1980 Winter Olympics, the US defeated the Russians at their own game. it was truly a Miracle on Ice. "Just Say No!" "Just Say No" was a slogan made by First Lady Nancy Reagan. it was made due to an anti-drug movement that started in the late 1970's, National Institutes of Health. the movement was meant to school youth on the dangers of drugs and to teach them to resist peer pressure and to hopefully lower it. Nancy Reagan took this campaign head on and many stated her ultimate mission: to just Say No! "I'll Be Back" This quote came from the famous movie "Terminator". famously said by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, this quote and film became an icon for America. the movie gave people the fantasy of being on the run, like a warrior. it was a thrill and an adventure. many compared it to the same emotion and feeling as if watching a "Dirty Harry" film. a lot of violence and action, and of course, guns! both of these movies were popular in not only the 1980s, but give all generations after that, because they not only give a symbolic meaning of the 80s as to what, idealistically, it was all about and what people wanted, but it also introduced the pop culture and fashion of the 80s and how basic things were run. the pop culture of the 80's gave off such a free, happy-go-lucky vibe and will always be remembered. Nixon's Resignation: As disturbing as it was many disliked Nixon from the start (the younger generations), while the silent majority (older citizens and parents, who both sought for order and the clean cut lifestyle of the early 60's), were in mere shock. both groups were angered by the scandal and it caused them to distrust and question the American government and system the 1970's this political cartoon is about the US boycott of the 198o Olympics in Moscow. the reason started on July 14, 1978, the Soviet government imprisoned Anatoly Shcharansky, a dissident accused of supplying secret material to a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. The trial just two days before the start of U.S.-Soviet strategic arms limitation talks in Geneva. President Carter argued the trial and conviction but promised not to boycott the Olympics because of it. then, in 1980, Carter changed his agreement and the US did not go to the Olympic. they did not want to go to a nation that supported no individuality or freedom. this cartoon was to joke at the mess of the Exxon Valdez oil disaster in Alaska in March of 1989. the tanker grounded onto a reef, causing it to release millions of gallons of crude oil into Prince William Sound Alaska. it damage approximately 1,200 miles of coastline, damaging not only the waters, but caused death in wildlife, fish reduction, and reduction of tourism in Alaska. many businesses went out of business because of this accident The cause of the spill was, in fact, by human hands. due to lack of est by crew members and ignoring repairs needed to be made on the tanker, the ultimate result was a devastation for Alaska, with a cost of approximately 3.6 to 5.5 million dollars. there are still, to this day, traces of oil found on the coastline of Prince William Sound, Alaska January 20, 1981. only minutes after Ronald Reagan is appointed President, a plane comes down the runway carrying 52 US hostages that were held in Iran for 444 days. the Iranian Hostage Crisis began on Nov. 4, 1979, due to the US involved in protecting the Shah who were running for their lives from the Iranians. out of anger, Islamic students raided the US embassy and took all the occupants inside in 1982, Michael Jackson released his album "Thriller", and 20 million albums sold. this has been the largest selling record yet. this solo album helped launch Michael Jackson into international super-stardom. Jackson transformed the 80's pop culture. not only did Jackson introduce new iconic 80's dance moves, like the "moonwalk", and "robot", but he hit all aspects of the pop culture through his singing, dancing, and his new way of music videos. he was a top class entertainer and performer. he revolutionized the rest of 80's way of entertainment in the arts. his "thriller" single, lasted on the top charts for about 80 weeks. it was the beginning of a new way of viewing entertainment. first woman to... the first woman to be a vice president running mate first woman to travel to space Sally Ride became the first American woman NASA astronaut to go to space in 1983, and then returned to space on a second mission in 1984. she flew as a mission specialist on both tours to space on the shuttle Challenger. she contributed in the breakthrough of women individuality and acceptance and was a role model to many women for being the first to go to space. in the 1984 Presidential elections, Geraldine Ferraro, ran for vice president with Walter Mondale for the Democrats. although they lost to Reagan & Busch, Ferraro opened a new door for women to step out and get into politics if they wanted to. more women were finally feeling comfortable with being who they truly wanted to be and doing what they really wanted to do. it was major steps, like this, that led women into more independent roles in America. the first african-american woman to become Miss America in 1984, Vanessa Williams becomes the first African-American Woman to win Miss America. as the first Black woman chosen, she set a new standard in America and a new image of what beauty looked like in the nation, considering that for the longest time American beauty and luster excluded blacks. it was another point on history for Afircan Americans as they looked forward each day for brighter, better days the first woman to become the Supreme Court Justice On September 25, 1981, Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice. she was nominated by President Ronald Reagan, who, in his 1980 presidential campaign, promised that if he won he would uphold a woman to a higher point in the court systems when he first got the opportunity. and when he did he chose Sandra O'Connor. in 1984, President Reagan deems supporting Nicaraguan "freedom fighters" is worthy of support. known as the Contras, these freedom fighters were fighting against the Communist reigning Sandinista, Socialist, democratically elected government, which the US viewed as a linked group to the Communist government of Cuba. he nationalized the plan to aid the freedom fighter contras on May 9, 1984, stating “The Sandinista rule is a Communist reign of terror,”. then, in 1985, US had to pull out of it's aid for Nicaragua due to US support of the Contras, even though Congress already cut off funds to the freedom fighters. despite Reagan's efforts to gain votes to aid Nicaragua, the Executive Branch was able to keep the idea from growing in America, and the push from Reagan to change the foreign policy died. http://inthe80s.com/time1984.shtml
http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/earth/collections/mount_st_helens in 1985, in response to Britain's "Do they know it's Christmas", "We are the World" is recorded by USA for Africa. it was a benefit single for the victims of the famine that hit Africa, which included the Sudan and Ethiopia, along with other countries in poverty. in all, the song raised over 60 million dollars. many singers played a role in the song including Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Cyndi Lauper, Billy Joel and Tina Turner. although the holiday was signed into law in 1983, America officially first took part in Martin Luther King, Jr (MLK) Day on January 20, 1986. the holiday celebrates the life and acts of MLK and his efforts towards Civil Rights. many opposed and many states refused to call it MLK Day, but instead "Human Rights" Day, while other states, like Virginia, combined the holiday with others, such as "Lee-Jackson-King" Day, which honored 2 confederate army generals and then an African American civil Rights leader. it wasn't until 2000 that every state honored the third Monday of January as MLK Day. the stock market crash of October 19, 1987, also known as "Black Monday" was very important in the 80's. Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) lost approximately 22% of it's value in one day. by the end of the month, majority of exchanges and businesses lost 20% of their value, as well. it reflected the crash of 1929, and many feared Black Monday was the foreshadowing of another Great Depression. in April of 1988, news reported that McDonald's will be opening up in Moscow, Russia. it was crazy for Americans to hear that McDonald's, and icon of fast food for America, was going to be in a Communist country. on May 18, 1980 at 8:32 a.m., Mt. St. Helen in the Cascade Valley of Washington State erupted. 57 people were killed and this marked the most deadliest volcanic eruption in America and also threw a hard hit to the US, economically. it was a severe, scary moment in history. the volcano is still active to this day. "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" the words spoken by President Reagan on June 12, 1987, while making a speech in Berlin at it's 750th anniversary. this was an iconic moment for not only the US, but the world, as they all sat and waited for the USSR to finally end it's Cold War, and hopefully, it's Communistic practices. it was as if the US had just challenged Russia to end it. the Berlin Wall fell on Nov. 9, 1989, and the Communist rulers back out of power, ending the Cold War and Communism in Russia by 1991. Plunging right into the 70s, we find 1970 to be right smack in the middle of the Vietnam War. President Nixon had been President for two years prior, thanks to the silent majority, mostly consisting of older citizens and parent figures, who wanted Nixon as president; in hopes he could end the War and restore peace in a divided America. The divide comes between the older generations and the newer, younger one. The youth of the nation played a dominant role in the late 60s going right into the 70s. It was a transformation of America. Teens were defying their parents and going against the grain. Music and pop culture played a huge role in this aspect of the U.S. Bands would openly express their beliefs and thoughts on life, specifically what was going on in our government. This attracted the young kids of our nation to ponder what they thought about our government and what America was doing, and to openly express their feelings and possibly do something about it, specifically when it came to the Vietnam War. Riots and protests happened frequently in the 70s. One famous anti-war protest marked a signature event in 1970. Known as the “Kent State Shooting”, on May 4, 1970, college students protested on Kent State Campus in Ohio. Unable to stop the riot, the Ohio National Guard was called on to bring the force to a stop. Unable to control the demonstrators, the National Guard shot into the crowd, killing four and injuring nine. This was a major event and a terrible way to start 1970. Due to the young soldiers (18-26) fighting in Vietnam, the 26th Amendment was passed that allowed eighteen year olds to vote on July 1, 1971. It was made due to the question that popped up about eighteen year olds being old enough to be drafted, but not old enough to vote? With that eighteen became the new legal age to vote. Also in 1971, another major event took place. The Pentagon Papers were released by Daniel Ellsberg. The Papers were a series of classified documents which contained information on the US and it’s dealing in Southeast Asia. In the papers were admitted miscalculations, arrogance and deceptive actions under the Nixon administration. This horrified citizens and angered Nixon, which rolls right into 1972 and the Watergate scandal. Before Watergate, Nixon headed to Communist China to befriend the powerful nation. This shocked Americans, but Nixon’s motives of gaining an ally were wise. Then he visited the USSR, where agreements were made as far as dealing with weapons and nuclear devices through the SALT I treaties, in order to lesson tension between them. Then on June 17th of 1972 the Watergate burglary rattles America, when news reports that five men, including both an ex-FBI man and ex-CIA man, broke into the Democratic headquarters. Upon investigation, two years later, it is found out that the burglars, called the "plumbers", were funded by Nixon to fix the "leaks" of his administration. The leaks being all the secret documents that Nixon was trying to hide, especially after the Pentagon Papers were found out, which held secrets of Nixon's government and wrongdoings they did. This huge scandal shocked an already wounded America, being that the oil crisis of 1973 when OPEC, our major supplier, retaliated against s because our support of Israel. In 1974, in order to avoid impeachment, Nixon resigns entering in President Ford. Although Nixon failed majorly, he did patch up a lot of rough spots we had with foreign nations, and in 1973 he was able to get the last of our troops out of Vietnam, although many stayed and worked in the US embassy in Saigon. Under Ford’s administration, neither the economy nor politics really changed. The 70s were rough. In 1975 Saigon, in Vietnam, fell to the Viet Cong, forcing out any Americans that were still there. That was when we officially lost the Vietnam War to Communism. In 1976 US celebrated its 200th Bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence. 1977 started the Red Dye scare, due to its effect of causing Cancer. This led America into a frightened state that caused many to feel more tensed and distrustful. Followed by that came the 1978 Jonestown Massacre, where an American Cult Leader led 918 people to their deaths. He, Reverend Jim Jones, formed a community in Guyana, which turned out to be more of a slave camp. When crisis hit and feeling as if there was no other choice, Jones ordered everyone to commit suicide saying it was they’re only way, otherwise they’d be shot to death. With that, 1979 comes and Iran is fuming because the US decided to aid the Shah, who was people in power before Ruhollah Khomeini rebelled and gained control of Iran, fleeing Iran for their lives. Angered, Islamic students invaded the US embassy and took 52 Americans hostage. This ending to the decade of the 70s led the 80s into a crisis with foreign nation. Not only was there upheaval in foreign affairs, but America went and was going through its own culture clash as everything was evolving and changing; people were coming out of their shells and openly declaring their opinions and views. Table of Contents Key Terms of the 90s 1. Dip: to Leave
2. Aiight: Alright, Okay
3. Bling-Bling: Jewelery
4. Evita-Like: Snobby
5. FYI: For your information
6. Lay off: Stop it or knock it
7. Peace Out: Bye
8. Punked: to be proven
9. Tight: Great or the Best
10. Faux: Fake 11. Mad: Very or alot
12. Grind-Age: Food
13. Fresh: Original or Cool
14. Crib: house, dwelling,
15. Bugg'n: Freaking out
(same as Tripp'n) On January 1, 1990, David Dinkins was sworn into Office as the first African American to become Mayor over New York City. this was a good effort for the Civil Rights, as it was becoming more regular that African Americans were appointed to high ranks in America known as the "Hungry Gulf Crocodile", this political cartoon is about the Gulf War and America's role in it. America went to the Persian Gulf in 1990-1991, in order to reconquest Kuwait, which led US to invade Kuwait and the annexation by Iraq. this political cartoon bashes the Clinton administration, summing it up in this simple cartoon. many thought the Clinton Legacy to be violent, and scandalious in many aspects. from the violence in Iraq, the Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Serbia. then threatening Iran, Bosnia, and North Korea. then, under his administration, the assault on the Branch Davidian outfit. these major conflicts under Clinton's leadership left a bad taste in many American's mouths. "..That they may take our lives, but they will never
take our freedom." this famous quote comes from the 1995 movie "Braveheart". Braveheart attracted thousands of viewers to the interest of Scotland, due to the epic storyline of William Wallace and the beautiful landscape that was shown in the film. many viewers took interest to Scotland and it's history and culture and not only that but many wanted to go to Scotland and see where Wallave actually fought, as well as where the movie was shot and filmed. "You Can't Handle the Truth!" this famous quote came from the movie, A Few Good Men, from 1992. the movie is a suspenseful drama, filled with mystery that left the viewers in wonder the whole time. the film was a huge success, with critics praising the movie as not a waste of film or words, but a good thriller the audience can enjoy. it was a famous movie of the 90s, and this quote was a very popular saying to be made in sarcasm based on the film. Earvin 'Magic' Johnson of the Lakers tested HIV positive in October of 1991. by November 7, 1991, Magic Johnson held a press conference revealing his situation and to stop the constant rumors that he contracted AIDS. at his press conference he also announced that he would be retiring due to his health condition. he also warned the listeners that HIV/AIDS can be spread through heterosexual sex. with that, he retired from the NBA and became an avid spokesman for HIV/AIDS. this news shocked people at just how common and dangerous AIDS were. it raised awareness to an already shaken nation on the whole AIDS crisis. the LA riots were a huge event in history, specifically in 1992. the tension began in March of 1991 when an African American named Rodney King was brutally beaten by 4 police officers from the LAPD. then,2 weeks later, a 15 year old black girl was shot and killed unnecessarily by a grocer due to an argument over juice. in October of 1992, 3 out of 4 the trials of the police officers who beat Rodney King were acquitted. this infuriated african americans, specifically those living in South LA. that night thousands of Blacks and Latinos stormed the streets and went on a 4 day riot, burning down 1,000 buildings, injuring 2,500 people, killing 58, and the overall cost of damage being $1 billion. the total arrests from the riot was 16,000. Jurassic Park, the first one being made in 1993, was one of the hit movies overall in the 90s. it left a haunting memory to all viewers of all ages of devil dinosaurs chasing, attacking and feeding on humans. it still is one of the most scariest, thrilling movies of all time due to it's lasting legacy remembered still to this day. in 1994, Kurt Cobain, the singer of grunge band Nirvana, dies at age 27 due to suicide. this rattled the nation, specifically the younger generations of youth who adorned Cobain and his band. his death left many questions unanswered as to why he did it and if it really even was a suicide. on April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols bombed a federal building in Oklahoma City. the blast killed 168 people, which included 8 federal marshals, and 19 children. the bomb left 700 injured. studies later found that it was actually 5 bombs that altogether caused the blast and destruction of the building and the deaths of those people in August 1995, Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys formed a huge concert in LA, which would be the first Tebetian Freedom Concert. all the proceeds went towards foundations which signaled Basic Rights violations in Tibet from the government of China. Some artists that appeared in the concert were: the Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Smashing Pumpkins. the blizzard of 1996 was a historic weather storm for America. starting on January 6th, the snows first hit Washington D.C., along with the east coast. before the blizzard even ended, it killed 154 people and cost $1 billion due to damage. roofs were collapsing, car accidents were constant, some cases were people became homeless and dies of hypothermia, while others died of carbon monoxide poisoning due to being trapped in their cars. the movie "Titanic", was released into theaters in 1997 and became the biggest total Box-Office Film ever, making over $1 Billion. the film won 13 Academy Awards, and was a stunning, passionate, breath taking film to the viewers who saw it and still watch it to this day. the movie left a long lasting legacy, as the romance amidst the chaos captured the hearts of Americans and anyone who watched it. on August 17, 1998, Clinton admits to his affair with a former intern, Monica Lewinsky. he testified to the grand jury of his "inappropriate" relations with the woman. that night Clinton went on television and apologized to the nation for his acts. this is just one story out of the hundreds of accounts of students and teachers who lived to testify of this horrible tragedy. on April 20, 1999 2 gunman, who were high school students from the school, went into Columbine High School that was right outside of Denver. in all, the gunmen killed 12 students and a teacher, before killing themselves. this was noted as the deadliest school shooting until 2007, at Virginia Tech. the Soviet Union officially ends in 1991. with Yugoslavia falling apart and leaving the USSR, and Lithuania , Latvia, and Estonia leaving the USSR and declaring their independence, Russia had it's own revelution between the Republic and those trying to preserve the dying Soviet Union power. after the revolt, the new Republic gained a new president and a new way of living. the 90s http://www.inthe90s.com/generated/time1991.shtml
http://www.coldwar.org/articles/90s/fall_of_the_soviet_union.asp the 2000s "You Only Live Once" Table of Contents entering into the new millennium, all of America celebrates the beginning of the century. it was the beginning of the 21st century,the 3rd millennium. Key Terms of the 00s 1. Yolo: You Only Live Once
2. Swag: Being or Having something Cool
3. Epic Fail: a major failure
4. Cray: Something is Crazy; also referred to as 'Cray-Cray'
5. Flex: To Show Off
6. SMH: Shakin' My Head
7. Whatever: I don't Care
8. "What Up?": What's Going On?
9. OMG: Oh My God, or Oh My Goodness
10. Legit: Real or Cool; Tight
11. LOL: Laugh Out Loud
12. All that: The Best
13. "All About It": Be in Favor of
14. Buggin': Acting Foolishly; Freaking Out
15. Funk: state of confusion and depression "Wilson!" this famous line came from the movie, "Castaway". released in 2000, this movie touched the hearts of Americans who watched a stranded man slowly deteriorate, then rise up and beat the odds, learning to survive on his own. this line is iconic because the main character is delusional and lonely and finds comfort and a friend through a Wilson Ball found amongst the ruins of his plane crash. during an incident, the ball is lost ending the main character's brushes with humanity, at least in his mind. "Fish are Friends. Not Food" quoted from beloved Disney movie, "Finding Nemo", many Americans, both young and old, gathered to watch the new film in 2003. the movie attracted mostly the younger generation as well as the families, but the memory of the movie from childhood still lingers amongst that generation today. many, still, will draw themselves back to that childhood memory and recall those distinct pictures and sayings that will never be forgotten. 9/11/01, the deadliest terrorist attack in American History. on that morning, 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four American airplanes, with passengers on board. 2 of the planes were flown right into the Twin Towers in New York City. one of the other planes was flown into the Pentagon, while the 4th plane crashed in Pennsylvania, due to passengers on board trying to regain control of the plane. there were no survivors from any of the planes and the total number of people who died was 2,996. this was a terrible, sad loss to America and shook the nation, deeply. in 2002 Apple releases it's famous iMac in 4G. it was meant to replace the older 3G iMac. the new, high-tech computer came in a new style and design. this new look and high-tech speed and memory gave Americans an easier way to search the internet and it showed consumers that Apple could make continuous revolutionary products. Apple has proven itself through out the years, changing our views on technology, for example, the iphone. on March 19, 2003, President Bush announces to the Nation that the US will invade Iraq. launched as "Operation Iraqi Freedom", our invasion was meant to disarm Iraq of weapons and to put a stop to Had dam Hussein's terrorist support and group. the US began the invasion by air-striking certain targets, like Had dam Hussein and other high officials. in August of 2003 MySpace was first launched. the online blogging sight was a major success as billions of people created their "MySpace" pages and made friends and told others of their interests or what's going on in their lives. in 2004 the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami left a wound in the world news. on Dec 26, 2004, the tsunami started in Indonesia with a major earthquake on the surface of the ocean. due to the earthquake, numerous tsunamis flared up around countries connected to the Indian Ocean.the countries that were majorly impacted were Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. in all, 230,000 people died. this political cartoon was issued in 2012 for the negative view of the two candidates running for president. here the picture depicts what America poorly chose to possibly run America. it also shows how, despite peoples' past, citizens overlook it and choose leaders who may not have a good background to support their reasons for leading a nation. this cartoon depicts the increase in oil prices in 2008. in July of 2008,oil prices rose to as high as to$147 per barrel. the cost was too much to afford, which caused a drop in demand for oil in America. thankfully, due to the decrease in demand for oil, the prices dropped in December to $33 a barrel, a more convenient price. on Monday morning, August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina, a category 3 Hurricane, reached and hit South Louisiana and completely ravished the land. New Orleans got hit the most severe, as the major city fell under water, due to it's levee system failing. approximately 80% of the city and its surrounding neighborhood were flooded, which lasted for weeks after the storm hit. known as one of the deadliest storms/hurricanes of American History, 1,836 people lost their lives due to this catastrophe. on December 30, 2006, Had dam Hussein was executed. as the head supporter of terrorist movements in Iraq and the Middle East, this was a huge event for, specifically, Americans, because of the grief he caused from 9/11. in Summer of 2008 the Olympics was held in Beijing, China. this was major for the Games, as over 40 world records were broken and 130 Olympic records were shattered. noted as one of the greatest competitions of the Games watched. even though it was viewed as one of the best, major concerns arose due to Beijing's terrible pollution disaster. toxic smog lingered over the air, even blotting out the sun at times. these major health and economic concerns definitely made people do a double take on the powerful, smooth operating China. in January of 2009, America got it's 44th president, Barrack Obama. not only was he our new president since Bush, but President Obama became our first African American President. part of Obama's first steps of action were to fix our financial problems that weighed our Nation down. in order to accomplish this, Obama opened up his plans for his administration by introducing several stimulus packages. on June 25, 2009 The King of Pop was found dead in his home. Michael Jackson died of a cardiac arrest due to medication prescribed to him by his doctor. the whole world mourned his death, and remained in shock that his death took place. after his death, people from all over bought his music and that of the Jackson 5. his music and legacy soared to an even higher height than it already was. he was an icon for America and will remain the King of Pop, a legendary American entertainer. the decade of the 2000's pop culture affects this generation massively. though it's changed through the years, the music of the decade teaches it's listeners the freedom of expressing yourself. pop culture today is a high influence on the young generation of the 2000s another shocking death was the death of Whitney Houston. she was found dead on Feb 11, 2012 in a hotel in Beverly Hills, a day before the Grammy's. sadly, the Queen of Pop died due to heart disease, and cocaine, which caused her to drown to death. all of America grieved over the loss of one of the most precious voices in American culture. the 00s http://www.futuretimeline.net/21stcentury/2010-2019.htm
http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/12/19/slang-words-2012_n_2322664.html#slide=1897237 a classic disco song from the 70s, the bee gees made may famous hits that contributed in the disco era that we know of today. a great start into the decades of the 1970s. The famous tv show "The Brady Bunch" was a huge hit in the 70s. the show began in 1969 and remained one of the top shows viewed til it went off the air in 1974. the show portrays the ideal, 'typical' American family that the Nation fell in love with and wanted to be. this famous movie, "Saturday Night Fever", came out in 1977. it does a good job portraying the disco life and it shows what the era looked like and what the pop culture was like, specifically the music and dance. this video, though it may be opinionated, does a great introductory to the familiar 1990s decade. the pop culture played a huge influence in specifically the youth of the nation, with the hip hop beats, "high-technologies" of the time, and the whole grunge look and feel. first aired live in 1981, MTV has been a major channel still to this day, giving viewers entertainment from the pop culture. back then, MTV was first made to share the latest music to the young, teen world. it revolutionized the way music way viewed, and gave the music business even more popularity, as well as 80s singers on October 28, 2012, super storm Hurricane Sandy struck the coast of New Jersey. the storm swept through NJ for 2 long days, but the aftermath was devastating. the storm tore trees and telephone lines down, houses were flooded, wrecked, abandoned, and powerless. with no electricity for over 10 days, this storm was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record. it was also the second costliest Atlantic hurricane, hurricane Katrina being the first. allin all, Sandy hit 24 states as it ravished through down the East Coast. the 1990s the 90s opened right up into the Gulf War. America went to the Persian Gulf in 1990-1991, in order to reconquest Kuwait, which led US to invade Kuwait and the annexation by Iraq. the Arab Leagues, the Soviets and the US condemn Iraq for invading Kuwait, and so we sent 500,000 troops to the Persian Gulf to defend Saudi Arabia and to plan for an invasion to re occupy Kuwait. By 1991, the United Nations invaded Iraq and overtook them after 100 hours. Kuwait was liberated with only 148 losses from the UN, while over 20,000 Iraqi soldiers were dead, not including hundreds of civilians. while Iraq went into a major loss, Yugoslavia was dealing with major problems of it’s own. Croatians and Serbians were fighting within the country and they seceded from each other. Meanwhile, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia try to leave the already crumbling Soviet Union. Followed by their independance of separate countries from the USSR, the Soviet Union finally ends, taking the Cold War with it. also in 1991, in American news, Rodney King was severely beaten by LA cops, and this whole scene was videotaped and seen all across America. The horrors of this cruel act leads right into 1992 with the LA riots. After being put on trial, the police officers who unjustly beat Rodney King were acquitted for their actions. This sent, specifically, LA civilians into ablaze. For 4 days African Americans and Latinos stormed the streets of South LA, setting everything on fire and destroying anything in their sights. in 1993, in Waco, Texas, the ATF had to go in a raid the Branch Davidians, a cult ran by David Koresh. the Federal agents swarmed around the compound for several weeks, until the Davidians, themselves, start a fire in the compound, killing majority of the cult members including Koresh and several children. Also in 1993, there was an explosion at the World Trade Center, killing five people. It was done for terrorist purposes and four men found guilty were all connected under the Egyptian sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman. in 1993, woman gained combat roles in the US military. also some famous events in 1993 was the release of the famous thriller Jurassic Park, which was a major hit, and the hit Nancy Drew book series was very popular this year, reaching 80 million copies sold. in 1994, the famous OJ Simpson car chase was seen by thousands of viewers who tuned in on the news to watch the low speed chase until it ended in front of OJ’s mansion. he was taken in and put on trial for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. in pop culture news this year Michael Jackson weds Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Also, the hit show FRIENDS begins this year. 1995 also brought sadness due to the Oklahoma City Bombing of April 19,1995. 168 people died, including 19 children. Also, OJ Simpson was put on trial for the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. He was found innocent, but his second trial proved him otherwise. A first for and African American, Dr. Bernard A. Harris, Jr. became the first AFrican American to walk in Space in 1995. A famous icon, Tex-Mex Queen Selena was murdered on March 31, 1995 by her fan club president, Yolanda Saldivar. This was a major event because Selena was adored by Americans and Latinos alike. One odd event that questioned the government secrets in 1995 was when President Clinton apparently admitted that an Area 51 actually does exist. He signed an order reserving Groom Lake Air Force Base from needing to reveal it’s environmental records to the Public. In 1996, the Olympic Park Bombing took place at the Atlanta 2000 Summer Olympics. 2 people died and over 200 injured due to a random bomb exploding in a crowded area where the Olympics were being held. Police later arrested Eric Rudolph for the crime. In 1997 Scientists successfully cloned Dolly the Sheep. This was a huge step for the Science department because of their advancement in what they could now do. In 1998, CLinton is sworn in as President, which in the future will stir drama with his personal life, due to his affairs. then in 1999, the decade sadly ends with the tragic Columbine High School Shooting. 12 students and a teacher were murdered and the whole school was terrorized by 2 gunmen who were students from the school. Though many tragedies occurred, overall the 90s played an influential role on the new millennium to come. Pop culture beamed and was adorned by all. the 2000s After leaving the 90s, America headed straight towards a new millenium: 2000! Starting the new millennium, the US presidential election votes had to be recounted in the state of Florida. Votes were hand counted, and in the end Bush won Florida. Also in 2000, the true story film, Erin Brockovich, was released. it was a dramatic true story about an unemployed single mother who was in a recent accident involving a doctor.Unable to sue the doctor, Brockovich lands a job for her lawyer at his firm as a file clerk. Upon working, she comes across a multiple of medical records that were filed for people who all came from the same town and had the same sickness. These cases ended up making it to trial, thanks to Brockovich, and the judge orders the gas and electric company that caused polluted waters to sicken the town to pay the settlement amount of 333 million dollars. In 2001, the Oklahoma City Bomber, Timothy McVeigh, was executed for his crimes through lethal injection. This was a major event because of the terroristic mass murder he and his accomplice committed of killing 168 people, including 19 children. Also, on September 11, 2001, tragedy struck America as we were attacked by Iraqi terrorists. Terrorists hijacked 4 American airplanes with passengers on board. 2 of those planes were used to crash into both Twin Towers in NYC, while one crashed into the Pentagon and the other, intended to hit the White House, was prevented from doing so by the passengers on board who tried to regain control of the plane against the terrorists. The plane crashed in fields of Pennsylvania. There were no survivors from any of the planes and, in all, 2,996 people lost their lives do to the terrorist attacks. this tragedy shook America as we mourned the losses of our country and our protection. In 2002, Pennsylvania coal miners got rescued after spending 77 hours stuck in a dark, flooded mine shaft. This was a highly dangerous rescue mission of saving the coal miners, and the odds were against the miners ever getting rescued. In 2003, Saddam Huissein is captured by American troops.As the main support for Al Quida, who was the group who attacked the US, it was a major event that all Americans looked on in happiness and relief, knowing that this powerful, dangerous man was captured and that, hopefully, this war with terrorism was a step closer to being put to an end. 2004 came and President George W. Bush gets re-elected, despite 9/11 occurring under his authority. This brought up much controversy and political unrest. With 2005 came the deathly Hurricane Katrina. This Hurricane wrecked havoc on the Gulf Coast, and left over a thousand dead and millions homeless. AMericans were not only horrified by the greatness of the disaster, but mainly by the lack of preparation and, strategy to fix what was left, from the government. In 2006, Saddam Hussein was convicted for his crimes against Humanity and was sentenced to death by hanging in Baghdad. This helped with the unrest Americans felt due to the war in Iraq still persisting. Following into the chaos in Iraq, President Bush announce to the public in 2007 that they will be deploying an additional 20,000 troops to Baghdad. This sent America into an uproar over sending more troops to Iraq because of the fighting and deaths that were believed to be unnecessary. In 2008, History was made in America as we elected our new President, Barack Obama. Not only was he our 44th president elected, but mainly, he was our first African American president. In 2009, headlines the “King of Pop” is dead. Michael Jackson was reported to have died due medication wrongly prescribed by his personal doctor. All of Americans, both young and old, mourned the death of this legendary icon who has been involved in American pop culture since the 1970s. In 2010, several years after the War in Iraq begins, President Obama announces to the Nation that Operation: Iraqi Freedom is over and that our troops are being withdrawn from Iraq. 2011, Navy Seals sent by Obama were sent on a mission to assassinate Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. On MAy 2, 2011, the Navy Seals successfully found Bin Laden’s whereabouts and succeeded in his assassination, which was a major event for America and it’s role in Iraq because it gave us an advantage in the war against terrorism. In the most recent events in our history of America, on October 28, 2012, Hurricane Sandy made it’s way up the East Coast, completely wiping out our coastline. In all, 24 states connected to the Eastern coastline and Atlantic Ocean, were badly affected by the storm. Though not as many lives were lost as various storms before it, Sandy came to be one of the most costliest,up to at least $65.6 billion. the 1980s 1980 opened with the infamous “Miracle on Ice” at the Winter Olympics, where the American Hockey team defeated the USSR. This was a major highlight because the Cold War was still at hand and Americans and Russians were constantly rivaling as to who was the best. That summer was the Summer Olympics held in Moscow. To show they were against Communism, America boycotted the Olympics. In 1981 was the inauguration of a new President, Ronald Reagan. Many argue that President Carter mainly lost the election due to the American Hostages still held in Iran. Although Carter failed to win re-election, he spent each moment, all the way up to Inauguration Day on Jan 20, 1981, trying to persuade and make a deal with the Islamic Students to let the hostages go. Minutes after Reagan became president, the airplane carrying the 52 American hostages came down the runway into freedom. Carter accomplished his last scenario, though Reagan took credit in his Inauguration speech. On March 30, 1981, an assassination attempt was made on Reagan by mentally disturbed John Hinckley. The man was obsessed with Jodie Foster and believed in order for her to notice him, Hinckley had to reenact Foster’s movie, Taxi Driver. Thankfully, Reagan survived the bullet. Also in 1981, a famous game, Pac Man, came out and caused a huge crazed obsession all across America. In 1982, another pop culture phenomenon was released: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album. 20 million copies were sold and people everywhere gained a new insight to the music business as entertainment. Jackson’s hip dance moves, upbeat vibes, and movie-like music videos swept over the stage and into the hearts and minds of America. Another situation that rocked America was the Tylenol Scare on October 5th of 1982. Then 1983, the Nation fell into a craze over the new Cabbage Patch Kids. These child’s dolls struck the younger generation as children became obsessed with the little baby doll. In 1984, a pop culture popular show came on air: The Cosby Show. The show served as a comedy show of a not-so-ordinary family. In 1985, USA for Africa recorded “We Are The World” for the fundraising for the poverty-stricken countries in Africa who got hit from a famine. The single song included the most famous artists of that time, all together singing for a cause. The song was, at once, a popular hit. Tragically, 1986 brought a year of disaster. the Spaceship,Challenger, explodes, which was a horrifying moment as viewers all across America watched an amazing scene turn into a terrible death. Then, in World news, the USSR’s Nuclear power plant, Chernobyl, exploded, becoming the worst nuclear disaster in America. In 1987, panic strikes as the infamous “Black Monday” occurs. The stock market crashed so low, it was comparable to the Crash of 1929, and many believed that Black Monday would lead us into another Great Depression. 1988 rolled around and with it came the invention of the innovative CD. People bought so many CD’s that, for the first time ever, CDs outsold Vinyl. The decade of the 80s came to a glorious end with President Reagan making his famous speech at the site of the Berlin Wall. Millions of viewers took hold of the president’s words of encouragement and action as he looked straight at the tv and addressed USSR leader Gorbachev, saying:”Mr. Gorbachev, tear doen this wall!”
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