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life of Abraham Lincon

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of life of Abraham Lincon

Life Of Abraham Lincoln

* Abraham was born on February 12,1809.
How did Abraham got elected
* Abraham got elected on 1854.
how did Abraham Lincoln died
* Abraham died on April 15,1865
* In April 12 the started a war.
Abraham Lincoln 's childhood
* He was born inside a log cabin in Hodgepodge,Kentucky.
* When Abraham was 9 years old his mom died.
* he died at Washington DC.
* some one shot Abraham Lincoln at April 14,1845
The civil war in 1800' s
* Abraham Lincoln called 75,000 volunteers in war
* after Abraham Lincoln got elected he was the 16 president
* Abraham Lincoln got 303 votes and he won out of 180 votes.
*After the war Abraham Lincoln wife died.
rules: *multiple chose
*only one chose
*only 3 questions
1. when was Abraham was born
A: June 23,1801
B February 12,1809
C may 29,1999
D February 12,1808
answer is...
B:February 12,1809
2:Where did he died at.
B: New york
C: Washington d.c
D: L.A
C: Washington D.C
3: What month he died.
A: April 15,1865
B: May,12,1859
C:July 4,1999
D: April 15,1866

A:Apirl 15,1865
The end.
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