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Toy Poodles

Awesome dogs are awesome!

Hayley Culberhouse

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Toy Poodles

Toy Poodles! :D Can live to about 15 years old. 3 types of poodle- Standard, Miniature, and Toy. The name "Toy Poode" was made from the german word "Pudel" or "Plays in Water". Toy Poodles don't have the jaw strength to eat bones and large chunks of meat. People think that home-made food is better because there are alot of not healthy ingredients in the food that they sell in the store. All of the ancesters for the poodle are very good swimmers. Very loyal to their owners. Has a nervous type of energy. Very small in shape so it makes it easy to bring it with you places. 10 inches or less in height. They have a very sociable and loyal temperment. They were originated in France. Another name for them is "Caniche". Photo by: Stellar Toy Poodles An extremely intelligent breed. If not groomed, many people could mistake it for an English and Irish Water Spaniel. Toy Poodles don't shed. Have no body dander. They are very protective over their owners. Never give chocolate! France made the Poodle their national dog. Popular in Germany, France, and Russia since the 1500's. Poodles learn potty training much more quickly than any other breed! Many people think that feeding the Poodle human food is better and healthier. For example, like potatoes, eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, etc. The Toy Poodle's diet will change throughout it's life based on his age, health condition, size, etc. Photo by: Stellar Toy Poodles Usually very hyper. Get bored really easily. The Poodle became the most popular breed in the United States in the 1960's. A long time ago, canines that resembled the poodle were carved onto the roman and greek coins. Of the 3 types of poodle, the standard is the oldest one to have been discovered. Photo by: Blazers Cats The Toy Poodles don't have "doggy odor". Toy Poodles come in a variety of colors, such as white, black, silver, gray, brown, cream, apricot, and blue. Toy Poodles are very friendly, although they can be somewhat cautious around strangers. They are prone to many diseases. A bitch is a female dog. They are great for people that live in small houses, or in apartments. Theobromine is a very deadly chemical for dogs. As little as 50 grams of chocolate could give the dog a seizure, Theobromine Poisoning, or even worse, death. Feeding your puppy the right type of food will make it's coat shinier, and allows it's immune system to become strong and healthy. Poodles have a very fragile bone structure. If their coat isn't treated and taken care of right, then their hair will get matted and can only be removed my completely shaving them. -round skull
-long muzzle
-small, oval, compact feet
-long, wide, hangy ears
-elongated head
-sharp teeth
-docked tail
-round croup Mild mannered, protective, and wonderful for families with children. Was considered as "Gun Dogs". By: Hayley Culberhouse :D Skin color can be blue, pink, silver, or cream Poodle Diet! Physical Appearance! History Of the Poodle! Height, Weight, Temper! Random Facts! Photo by: Photo Bucket Photo by: Photo Bucket Photo by: Photo Bucket Bibliography!

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