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Band-Manager Project

No description

Bisma Begum

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Band-Manager Project

Band-Manager Project
Other tools of a spreadsheet...
Some other tools are like:
Equations in band manager:
There are many equations you can apply onto excel to give you your answer
for example
=b4*f6 this is an equation to ind out the answer of two cells multiplied together.

these equations can help you find the answers more quicker
What is the band manager project?
The band manager project is something that we have been working on which has helped us in various different ways by using different vocabulary and techniques on the computer...
Goal Seek
We have experienced a tool on Microsoft called goal seek, it is a tool which helps you find the target of something or what your aim is. For example, in football, if you are creating a result sheet, you can then use goal seek and find what the goal is instead of doing lots of equations.
A column is a vertical position of the spreadsheet which could be clear to both read and to use.
A row is the horizontal position of the spreadsheet which goes from left to right. it is too easy to both read and to use.
Although we have learned various amounts of tools on excel, we have experienced lots of different ways on how to use a spreadsheet overall, for example we have learnt what rows and columns are.
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