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Untitled Prezi

SCHC/562 Create a Career Evening which you present to the administration

Heather Hanson

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

SCHC / 562
Denise Kilpatrick
Heather Hanson
Susan Milliken

Post-Secondary Seminar Proposal
Student read / video announcements
Posters in common areas
Counselors advertise in 11th & 12th grade English class
Post in parent newsletter via email
Post on school website
College Booths
Career Booths
An evening for
Senior / Junior students
and their parents to
explore career and college
ASCA Model
Parents' Request
Students' Benefit
Why Host This Event?
The Setup
The Extra Goods
February 7th (Thursday)
5 - 8pm (Open House)
Sr/Jr students and guardians
Hosted by:
HS school counselor team
With help from:
PTSA volunteers
3 current college students
5 college representatives
10 professionals
3 military recruiters
Post-Secondary Seminar General Overview
Welcome table
Print out ICAP info
Student & Parent evaluation sheets
Alumni Advice corner
Answer questions about college life
Representatives from top 5 colleges picked by students
Representatives of the top 5 career clusters picked by students
Military recruiters
Post-Secondary Seminar General Layout
CU Boulder, CO
Offers four-year undergraduate degrees

CSU Fort Collins, CO
Offers four-year undergraduate degrees

Northeastern Junior College Sterling, CO
Open enrollment institution
2-year degree options or certificate programs
Transferable credits

Front Range Community College, CO

Community college
Offers online courses

ITT Technical Institute, CO

Technical education / distance learning
Offers online degree programs
Top 5 Post Secondary
Education Institutions

Degrees offered
Admission / academic requirements
Campus life
Clubs offered and other university certified activities
Student diversity
Athletic opportunities
Scholarships and tuition cost
Post Secondary Topics

Chemical Engineer employed at Mico Firm
Botanist employed at Botanical Gardens

Web Developer employed at Google
Video Game Developer employed at Wii Corporation

Nurse employed at Denver Hospital
Physician's Assistant employed at VA Hospital

Psychologist employed Boulder Mental Health Services
Teacher from out of state
Fish and Wildlife Ranger
Geologist employed at Shell
Top 5 Career Industry Representatives

Job responsibilities
Average salaries
Perks & pits of the job
Day-to-day duties
Educational requirements
Share personal stories about career and answer questions
Industry Representatives’ Topics
Baked Goods
Alumni Advice Corner
Military Recruiters
Counselors on hand to answer questions
Air Force
Perks and Pits
Career options
Distributed at Welcome Booth
Collect at least 5 stamps from booths
Submitted in drop box for drawing

Incentive for students
Resume writing service gift card
Student Questionnaire

Distributed at Welcome Booth
Submitted in drop box for drawing
Incentive for parents:
Restaurant gift card
Parent Questionnaire

Likert Scale
Group Discussions/Personal Interviews
Alternative Evaluations

Custodians will be given a chart for table, chair, and booth set up
Furniture, paper copies, and utensils provided by school
Counselors will use staff development time to plan the event
Set Up and Equipment
Vendors, college admissions representatives, and working professionals will offer their services free of charge
Resume gift card donated
Restaurant gift card donated
PTSA will provide drinks and baked goods
For every drink sold ($1.00) the customer will receive one free baked good
15-30 large Little Ceasar pizzas at a cost of $75-$150
Paper plates and napkins donated by the PTSA
Budget Cost

Based on data collected
Data gathered from venders using Survey Monkey
Information provided useful during counseling appointments
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