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Timeline of Important Inventions!

No description

Felize O

on 29 May 2011

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Transcript of Timeline of Important Inventions!

IMPORTANT INVENTIONS! 1834 The first refrigerator is invented by Carl Paul Gottfried von Linde, a German engineer. 1893 Motion pictures (movies) are made.
They were first introduced by Louis Lumiere. 1901 Electric washing machine is invented by
Alva Fisher. 1906 The lightbulb is first invented by Thomas Edison. 1907 Electric vacuum cleaner is created by James Spangler. 1911 Air conditioning is invented by Willis Haviland Carrier. 1927 The television is created by
Philo Farnsworth. 1947 The cell phone was created, and first launched in the United States. 1969 The Internet is introduced in the United States. By: Felize Odisho 1979 The Sony Walkman, which was the older version of something similiar to an ipod or mp3 player, is launched in Tokyo.
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