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spirit animal: against the tide plot

No description

will kurtz

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of spirit animal: against the tide plot

Spirit Animal: against the tide/ plot
When Mei-Lin relies that she is the mole upwelling because that the ceremony she was give an bile in steed of necter and the bile forces a bond and lets Gerathon controller and see what you are doing, so at last scecnd Mei-Lin told to leave with all the talismans and leave with out her
Mei-Lin bonded with Jhi , one of the for fall and is a panda, she is very strict and every good at combat.
Abeke good at fighting strong but cares about every one in the group bonded with Uraza, one of the for fall and is a Leopard
Rollan not he best fighter but has other good taints such as amazing eye site bonded with Essix, one of the for fall and is a Falcon.
Conor is better than Rollan at fighting bonded with Briggan , one of the for fall and is a Wolf
Inciting Incident/ Main Conflict
The main conflict of the sears is the Conquers are retiring to take over Erdas and the main characters are tiring to stop them by getting all the talismans
Rising action
The first rising action is they group gets ambushed by the Conquers. When they were trying to get the thousand islands where Mulop lives.
Conor was able to get a way becuase Mulop gave him his talismans, and took Conor under water so they could swim away. Rollan had the talismans called the slat elephant which makes the animal you bond with x10 their size, so he was able to ride Essix back to the ship.
The theme is don't take anything for gratin. Mei-Lin figured out that lesson when she was at Sun Rise island and she couldn't find Jhi or feel the bound with Jhi, but she When she found Jhi she stared being nicer.
The gang wanted to get Mulop's talismans but they keep getting stopped by the enemy so they tried to persuasive.

Tarek the guardian of the four fallen every protective.
The conflict of this book is the main characters know that their is a mole in they group but the don't know who it is.
The second rising action is when Rollan, Mei-Lin, and Tarek go to sun Rise island/Monster island to get the black Conch, and Mei-Lin lost and found her animal Jhi.
The three rising action is that Abeke, Conor, and a new friend that they had made when they were at the islands went to Sun Set island for the white conch, and they get trapped in a tunnel when they got spotted by the conquers.
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