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Inspired by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's presentation in IOC session at Buenos Aires. 2020年夏季オリンピックの東京開催決定に寄せて。IOC総会での安倍首相のプレゼンテーションにインスピレーションを受け制作。Prezi作成・講座のお問い合せはhttp://re-presentation.jp/まで。

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Transcript of TOKYO2020

Tokyo in 1964
Feel the pulse, again.
Several thousand doves, all set free at once.
High up in the deep blue sky, five jet planes making the Olympic rings.
And by the time the Olympic torch reaches Tokyo in 2020, they will bring the joy of sports directly to ten million people in over one hundred countries.
Under our new plan, "Sport for Tomorrow," young Japanese will go out into the world in even larger numbers.
They will help build schools, bring in equipment, and create sports education programs.
In 1965, Japan made a volunteer organization and began spreading the message of sports far and wide.
Young Japanese, as many as three thousand, have worked as sports instructors in over 80 countries to date. And they have touched the hearts of well over a million people through their work.
The Olympic spirit also taught us that legacy is not just about buildings, not even about national projects.
It is about global vision and investment in people.
We in Japan learned that sports connect the world.
And sports give an equal chance to everyone.
この年 私たちが学んだこと。それは、スポーツこそは世界をつなぐ。そして万人に等しい機会を与えてくれるということ。
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