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MLDP: High School Diploma vs Certificate of Completion

Children love to learn, but at some point they lose that and become adults that don't like formal learning. Let's explore why "play" has gotten such a bad rap and figure out how to get it back in education.

Randa Wells

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of MLDP: High School Diploma vs Certificate of Completion

Privilege? High School Diploma
vs Certificate of Completion What
is a certificate
of completion? A certificate that states you have completed 4 years of high school, but have not necessarily met all the graduation requirements. How does that differ from a GED? Enlist in the armed forces.
Enroll in college.
Get into trade school, beauty school, or culinary arts school.
Apply for a federal loan. State of Indiana In 2009-2010, Indiana had a graduation rate of

Only of those non-grads went on to get their GED. According to the Harvard Civil Rights Project... In schools where over
of students are minorities... GED stands for General Education Development.It's the most commonly known certificate of completion. If passed, this test is equivilant to a high school diploma. This test was developed in 1942 for soldiers in WWII who went to war before graduating high school.

New versions were introduced in 1978, 1988, and 2002. ALL Socioeconomic
Status? Earned his diploma... Dave Thomas History of High School Diploma and Certificates of Completion-Kelli Marlowe Let's start with everyone's favorite subject at 8:00 am...

HISTORY. Don't take my
word for it.

The numbers speak for themselves. The GED National Standards for Education 1 2 4 State
of the
Thing State
Rates 3 State
Rates National
Graduation Rates 5 National GED
Rates Speaking
Stats Education Reform This led to education reforms on a national level. Soon, public schools were filling up all over the country, giving access to education to thousands of immigrant children. Pros and Cons of a High School Diploma Pros and Cons of a Certificate of Completion GED Stereotypes Judge Mathis State of Mind Students who are not given a fair chance to succeed, Success
Stories Dave
Thomas Judge
Mathis Mark
Zuckerberg Beyonce Jessica
Simpson Barack
Obama Lower
Level of Peer Competition State of the State and State of the Country-Randa Wells White and Asian students,

as smarter, richer, and/or harder-working have a higher rate of graduation and continuing education. These
Schools have If you're just a number, it doesn't matter anyway, and no one cares, why do the work? Only

of students reach the 12th grade. The High School Diploma Diplomas have been used as a symbol of completed education for hundreds of years. Revelation #2: So, this is where the story gets interesting. Fast foward to America during the early 1900s, and you'll find a bustling young country bursting with new immigrants.

Early on, children went to work in the factories, but soon child labor laws demanded they be in school. Before the concept of "high school" was even invented, Universities gave rolled parchment, made of sheepskin, to their graduates. A certificate of completion is not permanent. Students can go on to earn their diploma or GED if they want.

Students with disabilities can benefit from this, especially in southern states. what is a ? GED why get a ? MLDP
Presentation However, more and more employers are demanding a college diploma for many positions.

Studies show that

of students gain their GED to gain college entry. In today's
economy many employers will not accept applications for
even an entry-level position without a high school diploma or its equivilant. Who doesn't like a little Pros and Cons in the morning? Answering your
burning question... And while many colleges accept the GED as an acceptable alternative to a high school diploma... Hang up the old sheepskin... State of the Nation 1
2 Curriculum
Reform 3
4 Social
Justice Equity
Pedagogy Multi-
Competence Steps to raise the graduation rate... Just a statistic... Earned GED... Now a small claims judge with a successful show on the CW. Jessica Simpson Earned a
certificate of completion... Earned his
high school diploma... President
Obama Earned her
certificate of completion... THE EDUCATION GAME But that's not the end
of the story, folks! Cons: Here's where the fun begins! Just a few 8:00 am statistics. State the
Obvious What the
experts say. Limited
Funding Poor Conditions Examples of Success-
Jazzmin Thomas Beyonce Earned her
high school diploma... Mark Zuckerberg References: History of High School Diploma and GED-Kelli Marlowe

Pros and Cons-Laura Terry

State of the State and State of the Country-Randa Wells

Success Stories-Jazzmin Thomas Shed a tear for fond memories... America now had standardized education from sea to shining sea, with the implementation of a high school diploma to prove completion of the high school curriculum.

Problem was, not all schools were created equal...but that is another story altogether. I'm glad you asked! MLDP: High School Diploma vs GED 65% Some Do Not. Q: So, a certificate of
completion is just a
GED, right? A: Um, not exactly.
But we'll explain! Pros and Cons-
Laura Terry Definition: A GED is a type of certificate of completion, however it states that you have completed all the requirements for graduation. Therefore, it is equivilent to a high school diploma and can be used to apply for employment or secondary education. PROS:
~Easy access
to college and

~Can't really
think of any at
this point. Otherwise entitled
the Obvious Game. YOU 31 March listening to us talk for 20 minutes Pros: A certificate of completion is NOT the equivilent of a high diploma. Students either have to return to high school or complete their GED before they can: Graduation Rates
and GED Rates in
the state of Indiana Graduation Rate and
GED Rate in the U.S. State the Obvious Here I will explain the statistics to you.
You will enjoy that part. State the Facts I will explain the psychological
effects these statistics play on
minority students and how they
predict future trends in the
educational system. State the Answer I will present possible solutions for raising the graduation rate amongst minority students. More statistics. Statistics. Asian Americans
have the highest
graduation rate in Indiana, followed closely by White Americans. White Americans
by far making up
the highest percent
of non-graduating
students who obtain
their GED. In the U.S. Asian Americans have the highest graduation rate.

African Americans have the lowest graduation rate. White Americans
have the highest
GED rates in the US. 57.1% of non-grads
who gain their GED are male. 84.1%. 0.8% The United States has a whole has a graduation reate of only about

Of those that do not graduate, only about 1.7% attempt to get their GED.

Although 73% of those who take
the test pass, that means only
of non-grads will get
their GED. 1.1% At both the state and local
level, Asian and White Americans
have a significantly higher
chance of graduating than their
minority counterparts. Why? Resegregation? of these play a role. They're from
can trust them. 90% 42% Less Qualified and
Experienced Teachers or equity pedagogy, a sufficient amount of peer competition, and adequate resources tell themselves it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to succeed. stereotyped Now, she's a multi-million
dollar star of stage and screen. Became the successful founder of Wendy's.

He dropped out of school at 15 years old. Founded Facebook. Became a multi-million
dollar singer with an
affordable clothing line. Became the first African
American in U.S. history. Auld, L. (2010, January 8). Indiana graduation rate improves. Retrieved fromhttp://www.doe.in.gov/news/2010/01-January/GraduationRateImproves.htm

Chapman, C., Laird, J., & KewalRamani, A. (2010, December 8). Trends in high school dropout and completetion rates in the united states: 1972-2008. Retrieved from http://nces.ed.gov/pubsearch/pubsinfo.asp?pubid=2011012

Messer, L. (2006, May 31). Indiana high school dropout information. Retrieved from http://www.in.gov/edroundtable/files/IndianaHighSchoolDropoutPresentation.pdf

Orfield, G., Losen, D., Wald, J., & Swanson C., (2004). Losing our future: How minority youth are being left behind by the graduation rate crisis, Cambridge, MA: The Civil Rights Project at Harvard University. Contributors: Advocates for Children of New York, the Civil Society Institute. Thank you
for your attention. This is what we like to call... THE END.
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