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The power problems

No description

Hussa Madkour

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of The power problems

IE project
So Why we are suffering from power outages?
If we can find a continuous alternative...

Our Vision
• Reduce the dependence on the usual sources for electricity generation.
The power problems
فاThe lost treasure
ففففthat is our mission
Lighting your life by exploiting the wasted solar energy to reduce electrical loads, and use it to be a successful and continuously alternative in the Middle East
that is us
• Expand our vision and awareness about the sun, and convert it as a major source of energy to fill the electrical needs of the remote places in Egypt, and cover the Middle East.
• Raising the community awareness to reduce the usage of the traditional way of electricity consumption, and replace it with solar energy.
• Activate the service of the periodic maintenance.
• Extend electricity to the homes of those who interested, with the lowest cost and the highest possible quality.
That Is Our Goals
• Road lighting to attract the attention of people and companies.
فThe SWOT Analysis
• Reduce the electrical loads on the State.
• Hiring experts at the highest level.
• The availability of all types of slides to produce the solar energy.
• Multiple uses of the product.
That is Our Strengths
• The difficulty of obtaining finance.
• Attract investors easily.
• The lack of competitors in the market.
• More than one way of marketing
• The availability of good climatic conditions.
• High fuel prices.
• The difficulty of changing the societal behavior, which is not compatible with the technological advance.
• Non-stability of the economic system.
• The difficulty of obtaining permits.
PESTEL Analysis
• The changes in the political conditions negatively affect the economic state of the society
• Constantly changes in the employment laws
• Encouraging small projects.
• High customs duties.
• Interest rate changes
• Turmoil in the stock exchange
• Rising of inflation.
• Weak social culture in the target areas.
• Rapid technological advances.
• Ease of communication with foreign countries.
• Climatic conditions suitable.
• The product is eco-friendly
• The difficulty of obtaining permits.
The Strategies
Competitive Strategy:
Cost leadership:
Create a new production line for manufacturing products of heating and cooling water by using the solar energy.
Geographical expansion
The expansion of the company's branches within the Middle East.
Corporate Strategy:
Provide the product with the lowest possible cost
#Our Vision
#Team 6_IE
#Ahmed karkour
#Electricity is free With solar PV
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