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Library Induction

No description

Celia Scott

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Library Induction

Why use your library? Within your library there is a world of information just for you....

General and young adult fiction
Reference and information books
Journals and Magazines

Displays and Promotion It can sometimes feel confusing... Your librarians are here to guide the way... We are here to help you find and access the valuable information that you need...
We have professional, approachable and friendly staff to lean on. A kind, nurturing and inspiring place to study, share ideas and enjoy learning.
Extensive support through shared experience and knowledge.
Help with resources, research and quality care. Our Promise to you...

We will continue to adopt and promote a positive, engaging and thriving library environment, supporting your educational and learning needs.

We will continue to offer relevant, current and stimulating resources including fiction, non-fiction, audio and electronic devices.

We will support and lead the development of your own independent learning,both with your research skills and study projects.

We will listen to your needs and suggestions for any library improvements to help you,and fellow students,on the path to success. Being a Princethorpe Library User means.... A Perfect Space for Work and Study. Study Periods Breaks and Lunchtimes Lunchtimes After School
Showcasing of student work


Book Displays, Events and Promotion Online Resources 24/7 access through the VLE
http://vle.princethorpe.co.uk/dashboard Fiction WCISF - Efficiency with soul… Respect the needs of other students.
No food in the library.
No drinks, except water.
No mobiles except for App use.
Be polite to others.

Ask if you need any help or have any questions. You can use the library.... Reference Newspapers Student Information Archives NonFiction You can Borrow and access hundreds of practical and inspirational resources! We simply ask in return... Respect your library... Don't struggle in silence
with your study... We can help! Why not use your library today? You can visit the eclipse website to...

Research books
Read book reviews
See what books you currently have on loan

See what your friends are reading
Reserve books

Look at you book history
Decide which book to borrow next!
http://eclipse.princethorpe.co.uk/MLS/enethosted.aspx?hosted=0 Our library is... Your library also offers... E-books Accelerated
Reader Online resources e.g. Accelerated Reader, Eclipse, Princethorpe v.l.e.
Subscription resources e.g. J-Stor, New Scientist etc
Computers, printers, photocopier, projector
E-readers and E-books
Audio books Millions of famous authors agree,that Princethorpe Library is the place to be! Accelerated Reader Quiz on books
Gain House Points
Gain points for the number of words read!
Be on the Roll of Honour
Be a Millionaire!
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