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Yorktown Technologies Prezi

This is a presentation about a case study for yorktown technologies

Mark Santoro

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Yorktown Technologies Prezi

Yorktown Technologies Dilani Pieris
Korissa Williams
Mark Santoro
Mélissa Genovese Agenda Basic Facts! Key Issue Find a marketing strategy that will allow Yorktown Technologies to reach their revenue goal. Alternatives SWOT Analysis Absolute Criteria Importance-Urgency Matrix Relative Criteria Increasing Brand Awareness
Improved GloFish® Promotions
Increase Product Diversification
Change the Pricing Strategy
Reduce Expenses Analysis of alternatives against absolute and relative criteria Conclusion Questions? Basic Facts
Key Issue
Important-Urgency Matrix
SWOT analysis
Absolute Criteria
Relative Criteria
Analysis of alternatives
Questions In November 2001, Alan Blake and Richard Crockett founded Yorktown Technologies
National University of Singapore formally agreed to provide exclusive rights to colours and patent
Company began growing, acquired investors and capital to fund operations
California Fish and Game Commission prohibited possession of genetically modified fish in California (large market)
Anti-biotechnology activists' views disrupting the launch date
Product enhancements and further distribution of GloFish® Alternative 1: International
Alternative 2: National plan
Alternative 3: Stopping the project
Distribution Problem
Reaching Revenues Goals and Increase Sales
Maintaining Investors Alan Blake should recommend Alternative 2; continuing to build the national market foundation, and furthering the other aspects of their marketing strategy to include a more diverse product line, having competitive prices, and developing and enhancing their current promotion strategy.
If there is a strong foundation nationally, and Yorktown Technologies will be able to look into an international market in the future. 1. Distribution of product
2. Product diversification
3. California's prohibition
4. Addressing product, place, price, promotion 5. Increasing sales and revenue
6. Keeping investors
7. Dealing with anti-biotechnology activists
8. Ethical issues regarding the product and company
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