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Teach the Class

No description

Olivia Kelley

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Teach the Class

Hydrothermal Vent Animals Japanese Spider Crab It's about 12 feet from calw to claw.
Their body is about 16 inches wide.
They weigh about 20 kg.
Tube Worms Legs can grow to be 12.5 ft.
Weigh up to 49 lbs.
Found off the Southern coasts of Japan Can grow to be 8 ft. long
Made from chitin (kite-in)
Reproduce by laying eggs Each scale has a c-shaped brown pattern
Has 12 pairs of scales
Pompeii Worm Fuzzy and gray with scarlet gills
Live in temps. up to 176 degrees fahrenheit
Most heat tolerant animal Hydrothermal Vent "Dandelion" Use tentacles to anchor themselves down
Colonies of animals that come together Sources http://www.tennis.org/Newsroom/HighRes/JapaneseSpiderCrab.jpg









Hydrothermal Vent Octopus Eyes have no visible iris
Have traslucent skin
Have 2 rows of "suckers" on arms Hydrothermal Vent Life Hydrothermal Vent Life
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