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Life in New France

No description

safwaan bayat

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Life in New France

Present (2014 Canada)
Life in New France
Life for women (New France)
The life of women in New France started when royal people, known as Les fillles Du Roi arrived in Quebec. They wanted to create a population outside of France. Doing this would expand their reach of domination in power and economics. However, native women had more independence. Therefore, they could spread their religion to other people.
Life for women (present)
Nowadays woman have equal rights just like men. They no longer have to do housework unless they would like to. Woman are now allowed to vote and are able to have jobs. Jobs for woman could be anything, from being a politic to being a pilot.
Woman in the present accomplish great goals that normally are impossible to succeed in. If I was a woman and had to pick between the 1700's and the 20th Century I would gladly pick the 20th Century!!
Transportation methods (New France)
Through major transportation methods there were always difficulties that could not be solved. For example: When crossing river the French would need a special type of boat. In winter when crossing the snow they would use Snow shoes so they wouldn't fall into the deep snow. In the mean time they would use carriages to travel from one place to another
Well, now we have Cars, Airplanes, MotorBoat's, Bikes, Helicopters, Bus's, Minivans and much, much more!! Nowadays life is easier in New France because of all the new ways of transportation! If you have problems going through the snow you can get winter tires for your car!! And if you need to go across the water you could use a Motorboat instead of making a Rowboat like they did in New France!
Slavery (New France)
Life for slaves was absolutely horrible. They were not treated as average humans. Instead they were treated like animals. Africans were one of the first of many slaves to come. This was called the slave trade, involving thousands of innocent people who were sold to people willing to buy an use them. More than 2000+ of those people were Aboriginals,1000+ were Black and 180+ were English! Those people who were made slaves were often forced to join the Catholic religion. Life in New France was Sad for many people.
Slavery (Present)
food in new France was usually grown in a farm by a habitate or farmer. only the rich could buy meat and vegetables. Some berries that were eaten and gathered by people in New France include blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, currants, blackberries and plums. People mostly used to be farmers and grew they're own food. Some things they grew and raised on they're own were wheat, flour, bread, chicken, ducks, cows, and they grew turnips, cabbages, onions, leeks and beets. With everything they gathered, grew, raised, and hunted they made amazing meals!
Transportation methods (present)
Now, Slavery is illegal in New France, in fact, Slavery is illegal all over the world!! They did the right thing by making slavery illegal all over the world! Slavery was abolished in 1833. Many people died because of slavery, and we are all now happy because of it being abolished!!
Food (New France)
Food (present)
Now getting food is much easier compared to people back in New France. You can go to your local grocery store to get fish, chicken, cow and everything the people from New France used to do. All the food they used to eat is now easy to get from the grocery store instead of growing it in the farm, although growing it is more fresh
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