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The MacBains

No description

Casper Taankvist

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of The MacBains

The history of the MacBains The MacBains and rest of Scotland was in war with the Brits.
There died too many people on both sides of the war The MacBains was a clan in Scotland.
They was one of the many clans,
who has sent many young soldiers into the war with the Brits. The MACBAINS The clan MacBain crest badge The war with Brits One of the worst loss for the MacBains
was Gillies MacBain. He was a grandson of the 12th chief ,
and was one of the strongst soldiers in the Scottish army. After the war with the Brits, a lot of the MacBains
sent to US by the english king. Their descendants still live in Virginia, one of the southern states. The MacBain massacre In 1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie sent his army down toward the english kingdom. The army won small battles on it's wasy down towards England. But Bonnie Prince Charlie was overdoing it. He didn't realised that the english armywas more than four times as big. Bonnie Prince Charlie retreated back to Scotland with the whole army. But the English king sent about 9.000 English soldiers after the Scottish army, and they faced with the Scottish army at April 16, 1746, at a place called Culloden. It was a very unfair battle. The rest of the 5.400 Scottish soldiers faced the 9.000 English soldiers. The battle only took 25 minutes. 1.250 Scottish soldiers were killed, and the English only lost 52. It was a real massacre!
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