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Copy of Edexcel C2 Discovering Chemistry

Mind map style collection of Youtube videos covering the main points from each topic in C2

James Koziaryn

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Edexcel C2 Discovering Chemistry

Discovering Chemistry Topic 2
Ionic Compounds & Analysis Forming Ionic Bonds Working Out Ionic Formulae Properties of Compounds
Simple Covalent, Ionic and Giant Covalent Solubility Rules Flame Tests Topic 3
Covalent Compounds and Separation Techniques Giant Covalent Compounds Simple Covalent Compounds Separating Mixtures Dot Cross Diagrams Covalent Bond Forming Thin Layer Chromatography Fractional Distillation Calculating Rf (retention factor) Values Soluble Salts Insoluble Salts Topic 1
Atomic Structure and
the Periodic Table Atomic Structure Electronic Structure Isotopes Topic 5
Chemical Reactions Rates of Reaction Changing
Rates of Reaction Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions Topic 4
Groups in the Periodic Table The Periodic Table Group 1 - The Alkali Metals The Periodic Table Group 7 - The Halogens Video contains information
about Group 1, 7 and 8/0 Video contains information about Group 1, 7 and 8/0 Mendeleev and the Periodic Table The Periodic Table Group 8/0 - The Noble Gases The Periodic Table 'd block' - The Transition Metals Topic 6
Quantitative Chemistry Relative Atomic Mass Good Summary Video A Good Summary Video. Part 2 Relative Formula Mass (Relative Molecular Mass) Calculating Empirical Formulae Reaction Calculations Percentage Yields
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