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No description

Liam Gun

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Manslaughter

Dictionary Definition
Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of another person without malice, either expressed or implied. The unlawful killing may be voluntary by virtue of acting uppon a sudden impulse, or involuntary.
Voluntary Vs. Involuntary
Involuntary: When someone accidentally kills someone either recklessly or without knowledge of the fact.
Voluntary: When someone acts on impulse, committing a homicide but had no planned intent.
R. V. Hermiz Summary
Imad Hermiz
Carlos Grundy
Hotel Party
Grundy broke a bottle over the head of Mr. Hermiz during a dispute
Mr. Hermiz stabbed Grundy once in the chest with a knife
Imad Hermiz fled the scene with a friend
R. V. Hermiz Summary
Accused plead guilty to manslaughter
Court tried to sentence him with murder
Since Grundy struck first and the action was "in the heat of the moment" Hermiz was not charged with murder
R. V. Hermiz Summary
Court sentenced him however with aggravated manslaughter
Aggravating circumstances in this case included:
A knife was being carried with no sense other than to be used as a weapon
Intention to cause bodily harm
No effort made to avoid conflict
Hermiz fled the scene
Liam Gunn
Canadian Law
Mr. Younger-Lewis

R. V. Hermiz Summary
In mitigation:
Hermiz had no previous offences
Violence was unplanned
Under the influence
Regrets his actions and is remorseful
Plead guilty to manslaughter
This case is an example of voluntary manslaughter
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