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BF 2018 5th Grade Parent Night

Information for all incoming 6th grade parents 5-3-18

on 3 May 2018

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Transcript of BF 2018 5th Grade Parent Night

Our Team
Principal - Mrs. Sienkowski
Assistant Principal- Mr. Slater
Secretaries - Mrs. Nondorf, Mrs. Justak, Mrs. Stipp
Nurse - Mrs. Ostojic
Guidance Department - Mrs. Cowen, Mrs. Hofer, Mrs. Valtierra
Social Worker - Mrs. Ostafinski
What is Middle School?
Time of Transition
Foundation of Future Success
Each Grade Its Own Entity
6th, 7th, and 8th
Organizational Skills
Study Habits
Work Ethic
Academic and Emotional Support

BFMS Points of Pride
Language Arts
Core Plus
Social Studies
Student Schedules
How Parents Can Help
Continue to stay involved
Skyward - grades
Homework and course work
Become an observer
Ben Franklin Focus
Daily Announcements/School Website
Facebook & Twitter
Promote consistent attendance
Keep contact/emergency numbers up to date
Encourage involvement in extracurricular activities

Frequently Asked Questions
Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Welcome to
5th Grade Parent Night!

Mrs. Hommes
Mr. Cody
Mrs. Schmidgall
Mrs. Georgiadis
Mrs. Beachy

Mrs. Price
Mr. Otto
Mrs. Mecchia
Mrs. Strauss
Mrs. Case
Digital Communications
Students learn
speed and accuracy
with correct fingering during keyboarding.
Industrial Technology
Students have multiple hands-on opportunities to construct and create. They even design
boats and airplanes!
Students are
introduced to
prehistoric through modern art and
begin experimenting with Adobe Illustrator.
General Music
The students
discover a greater
appreciation for
music history and
musical theater.
Family and Computer Science
Students learn about
family, communication, basic communication
and are introduced to everyone's favorite... cooking!
Data utilized for course placement
ISTEP+ Scores
Writing Sample
Mixed Level Classes
All other classes are created with mixed ability level.
Teachers will differentiate instruction to challenge all students appropriately.

must be up to date BEFORE school starts
HEP A is a 6th grade requirement (2 doses)

Any physical dated after April 1st is sufficient for the following school year.
All forms must be picked up from our office.
Needed for athletic participation.
Doctor Notes
Needed for activity restrictions need to be clear/specific and must have note clearing them to return to activity.

form completed by doctor.

Over the counter medicine
completed by parent with small bottle sent in to clinic.

forms completed by doctor and meds must be brought into clinic at start of school. Will also check self carry forms/meds Inhalers/Epi-pens.
Forms are on our website.
Healthy Students
Will my child share a locker with another student? 
Will book bags fit in the lockers?

Is there an activity bus my child can ride home if they stay for after-school activities? What if they participate in a sport?
What is the school's policy about cell phones? 
May my child bring his cell phone to school?

Will my child have a guidance counselor?
How will I know the name
of the counselor?

If I wish to talk with my child’s teachers, what ways are available to communicate with them?
Are uniforms required in P.E. class? 
Is my child required to take a shower after P.E.?

We Are a Family!
Competitive Athletic and Academic Teams
PBIS - Pride Cards and Champions of the Week
LEAD - Mentoring from High School Students
1:1 Chromebooks
Study Tables
School Resource Officer
Officer Cox

Viking Time - Advisory
Allied Arts
English Language Arts
Teachers monitor students and make schedule adjustments as needed.
6th Grade Sports/Clubs
Cross Country Track Wrestling STEAM
Gymnastics Tennis
Intramural Sports Drama Club
B.F. Life Academic Superbowl
Yearbook Science Olympiad
Spell Bowl Student Council
Builders Club Geography Bee
Summer Fun Runs
6th Grade Teachers
Nurse ~ Health Information
Allied Arts, Performance Music and P.E./Health
Allied Arts - 7 Week Courses
"Intellectual growth means much more than an increasing competence in the academic content of the curriculum. We must endeavor to stimulate in the child a love for learning, an attitude of inquiry, a passion for truth and beauty, a questioning mind. The learning of right answers is not enough...beyond answers alone, we must help children ask the right questions, and discover their answers through creative thinking, reasoning, judging, and understanding."
-Dr. William Alexander
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