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Alcohol and Drug Use in Teenagers

No description

Lyle Hendriks

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Alcohol and Drug Use in Teenagers

The teenage years are often accompanied by a resent for parents. Any activity that a teen believes will anger their parents is often a good idea in the eyes of a rebellious teen.
What Can A Teen Do?
Don't succumb to peer pressure - friends who threaten to cease friendship if you don't do something are not your friends.

Stop and think - is doing drugs or drinking alcohol a good idea at this time in your life?
It's All About the Brain
Many adhere to the scientific observation that the part of the brain that handles decision making has not fully developed in teenagers yet.
Peer Pressure
A primary cause of the usage of illicit substances in teenagers, peer pressure holds a lot more power over kids than some think.
Kids Just Want to Have Fun
A house party wouldn't be a house party without the alcohol. Being drunk or high is an easy segway into memorable moments that can gain infamy back at school.
Alcohol and Drug Use in Teenagers
Peer Pressure is dangerous!
The natural hierarchy of high school makes it difficult to fit in sometimes. Alcohol and drugs is an easy 'in' with the 'cool kids'.
The urge to be different from their boring parents is prominent in many teens. Drugs and alcohol are an effective way of achieving this distance.
Rites of Passage
When drunk or high, teens will engage in stupid mistakes of decisions, mistakes which, like it or not, are a part of growing up. Most adults have a funny anecdote or two of getting drunk and messing up somehow in their teen years.i
Ya Done Goofed!
As a result of this, decision making is impaired somewhat in teens, perhaps being the logic behind 'I should shotgun six beers'. Teens do not stop and think whether they are making a good decision as much as they should.
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