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Movie and Book comparison

Dark Knight Thrilogy and The Count of Monte Cristo

Anton Korniyenko

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Movie and Book comparison

Book and Film comparison Count of Monte Cristo
Dark Knight Trilogy Dark Knight Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan tells us a story of Batman - a hero of Gotham City. Batman's real name is Bruce Wayne. Wayne is a billionaire industrialist whose parents were killed by a mugger when he was eight years old. Traveling the world for several years to seek the means to fight injustice, he returns to Gotham. At night, Bruce becomes Batman, Gotham City's vigilante protector. The count of Monte Cristo The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure novel by French author Alexandre Dumas. It is one of the author's most popular works, along with The Three Musketeers. The book was completed in 1844 I decided that comparing these two great works would be a good idea because:
Main characters have many similarities and their life stories are also very similar.
They met many obstacles on their way
Both characters experienced "Rise and Fall" Similarities •Both lose their parents as a direct or indirect involvement of their enemies.
•Both are betrayed
•Both self-sacrifice themselves
•Both lose their beloved but find their love again
•Both learn some outstanding skills during their fall
•Both heroes fall first before they rise again (In “Dark Knight” when Batman lost the fight to Bayne and is sent to the prison were escape is virtually impossible. In “Count of Monte Cristo” Edmond Dantes is also sent into the prison called the Chateau of Dif from which by beliefs the escape is impossible.)
•Both Heroes find the way to escape the prison
•Both Bruce and Edmond hide their real name and in different ways “hide” behind the mask.
•Bruce and Edmond fight for justice
•Bruce loses his parents because they are killed. Ra’s al Ghul is involved in this because he needs Bruce to seek for vengeance.
•Bruce Wayne sacrifices himself for the sake of Gotham. He fights against criminality in Gotham and against the League of Shadows.
•Bruce loses Rachel when he tries to save Harvey Dent. In the last film of trilogy he finds Selina Kyle.
•Bruce Wayne hides himself in the costume of batman so that nobody hurts those who he loves.
•Batman fights for justice in Gotham. He defends the city from criminality and prevents the League of Shadows from destroying Gotham.
•Edmond loses his father because he dies when Edmond is in prison.
•Edmond sacrifices himself in order to carry out his revenge and raise again as Edmond Dantes
•After Edmond is sent into prison Mercedes marries Fernando. When Edmond comes back as the count of Monte Cristo and revenge is carried out Mercedes understands that she still love s him and they are together again.
•Edmond hides behind the title of the count of Monte Cristo so that he can carry out his revenge without being recognized as Edmond Dantes.
•Edmond fights for justice towards himself. He looks for those who betrayed him and took everything from him.
Differecnces Parents of Bruce are killed on his eyes. He grows up and starts to look for revenge. Bruce gets into the League of Shadows. He is taught to fight and he becomes a warrior. He comes back to Gotham and sacrifices himself to the city. He becomes Batman and fights the crime Edmond Dantes has a good life and his life gets better when he becomes a captain of the ship. This ends when he gets betrayed by his “friends” and he is sent into prison for treason of the country. He meets a priest who teaches him a lot of useful things as well as gives him the coordinates of the treasure. After the death of the priest Edmond escapes the prison, finds the treasure, becomes the count of Monte Cristo and carries out his revenge.
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