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Southern Comfort

No description

Miller 87 - Presentation

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of Southern Comfort

The Goal



Increase brand awareness
& visibility with 18-24
year olds in Dublin

Age 18-24
Addicted to their phone
Constantly engaging with friends via Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram & Snapchat
Attaching the Southern Comfort brand to Exhibitions, Partys, Launches and affiliate Blogs and Websites will increase the brand reception as well as introducing Southern Comfort to new people.
The people attending these events are the early adopters. They are the people that others look to for the newest fashion/music/nightclubs etc.

The most retweeted image ever
"Julia needs to slow down :) Always drink responsibly"

"Mr Spacey is looking very comfortable down the back! I wonder what he's drinking. :) "
2. We Create
1. We Listen

The most important part of our process is to understand exactly what
our clients want. Through a series of workshops we work closely with our clients to refine the brief so goals and expectations can be defined.
With the goals and detailed brief in mind, we create a strategy to
effectively reach and engage with the target market. After client approval,
we are then ready to get to work.
3. We Deliver
Whether we are working on a consultancy or management basis, we implement the strategy to achieve the goals of the project.
We work closely with our clients to make sure they can see the progress
of the project.
4. We Analyse

Our Process
To ensure the continued growth of the brand it is vital to quantify the
success of the various elements of the strategy. From here, you can
decide how to refine and grow the strategy in the future.
Prioritise spending money on Nights out, Festivals, Clothes & the Cinema
They love to tell the world how much of a great their life is
#comfortable ;)
Although the current social media profiles are driven from the global pages, there is a great opportunity to increase the current interaction as well as the number of fans.

Having a daily content strategy is key for providing rich, real life content to engage with the target demographic.
Possible Southern Comfort Posts
Spending all day on our laptops and phones
is what we do. We have been marketing
online since Bebo and creating tight knit
communities for the past 5 years.
We are connected to the target market
and have a close connection to the
most influential people in Dublin.
We have years of experience in Dublin's
Club scene and have a close relationship
with venue owners & promoters.
We are young
But not too young
We are a new agency determined to
make our mark by providing great work.
You get our dedication instead of an
employee going through the motions.
Why Miller 87?
Creating the Southern Comfort community
Our aim is to create a community of the most influential 18-24 year olds in Dublin and provide them with a platform to personally recommend Southern Comfort.

We want early adopters, team captains, bloggers, group leaders, content creators and high achievers.

We want to create a life for our ambassadors that all their friends want to be a part of, a life that people can aspire to. A life that showcases Southern Comfort
In addition to the current
method of sample promotions,
we want to create a strategy
that encourages participants
to tell their friends
via social media that they
are enjoying Southern Comfort.

After analysing the social
reach & engagement of the participants, we will then select the most influential candidates to become brand ambassadors to represent Southern Comfort.
Each Ambassador should
recieve a Southern Comfort
welcome pack & guidelines on
being a Southern Comfort
Once members have been
inducted they will be given
various benefits in return for
responsibly promoting
Southern Comfort.
Example Membership benefits

#COMFORTable :)
Ambassador Journey
Top brands recognise that
social media is SOCIAL.
People want to be engaged.
Audiences will not interact
with brands who are
constantly trying to sell.
Don't worry.
I'll get one.
Free cinema once a month
Free Southern Comfort Cocktail in selected restaurants
Free entry into selected clubs
VIP Access at festivals/concerts/events
Free phone credit
Thanks for coming!
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