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CMC Comm Class Presentation

Tiffani Brown

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of CMC

Computer Mediated Communication Group 4 Tiffani AJ Adam Jacqueline Colin Sam What is CMC? DEFINITION:
“Short for computer-mediated communication, CMC refers to human communication … using computers as tools to exchange text, images, audio and video. CMC includes e-mail, network communication, instant messaging, text messaging, hypertext, distance learning, Internet forums, USENET newsgroups, bulletin boards, online shopping, distribution lists and videoconferencing.” (Webopedia) “This includes communication both to and through a personal or a mainframe computer … and information manipulation, retrieval and storage through computers and electronic databases.” (Pixy Ferris) Why is it important to me? Academically Socially Synchronous Communication Same Time, Different Place Advantages Drawbacks Engage instantly Requires same time participation different time zones

conflicting schedules Cost Asynchronous Communication Different time, different place Advantages Own schedule Sustain dialogue over a period of time Able to capture group history of interaction Drawbacks Feels “impersonal” Taking the initiative to “log in” Both are used in learning 53% said they prefer to learn via asynchronously because they like having the convenience of learning when they have time 46% said they like to have their teacher right in front of them, live The other 1% didn’t care (about.com) The Social Presence Theory created by John Short, Ederyn Williams, and Bruce Christie "According to social presence theory, communication is effective if the communication medium has the appropriate social presence required for the level of interpersonal involvement required for a task." (Wikipedia) Twitter Myspace Skype Facebook Second Life Cell Phones Digital Divide The "GAP" America’s Digital Divide Ethnic Groups Gender Youth – Old Age Diversity Effects Banking Online
Internet Use Sharon Newton's Story The Digital Divide across the World Africa has only 0.25% of all Internet hosts and its share has been decreasing. (OECD) The entire African continent - home to over 50 countries - has fewer Internet users than France alone. (world Summit on IT) On a regional basis, North America and Europe account for 89% of all Internet hosts. (OECD) •The G8 countries are home to just 15% of the world’s population - but almost 50% of the world’s total Internet users(World Summit on IT) What is being done to bridge it? Where is CMC going now? Chat Rooms Video Confrence Audio Conference E-mail Discussion Boards Surveys
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